Things to do in Huntington WV

25 Best Things to do in Huntington WV


In search of the best things to do in Huntington WV?  Huntington is a city in West Virginia, on the border with Ohio and Kentucky. The second-busiest inland port in the US—the Port of Huntington Tri-State—is located there.

Although Huntington once relied on steel processing and shipping for its economic growth, nowadays the city’s largest employer is Marshall University.

The city is also known for the tragedy of 1970 when a plane crash killed most members of Marshall University’s football team. Hollywood made a movie about it— We Are Marshall.


Things to do in Huntington WV

1- Pullman Square

Pullman Square

The Pullman Square gathering place is an outdoor plaza with a great variety of quaint little shops.

There is a wide range of eateries in the neighbourhood, including Roosters and their famous chicken wings. Besides that there is always a Starbucks on the corner—so you can treat yourself to a fresh coffee and muffin.

Marquee Cinemas and Quicksilver Arcade are two popular places to visit at Huntington Westfield Mainstreet. This is also a great place for an afternoon stroll, as many different shops offer their wares along the avenue.

2. Central Park

Central Park

Central Park is a community space located in Ashland, Kentucky—a place that has become a destination for dog owners because of its ample green spaces and wide array of obstacles.

Filled with history, Central Park lies on a former Native Americans’ burial ground; besides the squirrels everywhere and large trees, it also features plenty of shade for adults to relax while watching children play at the playground.

It’s a lively area with many people walking, jogging and riding bikes. Plus you can feed fish that flock to the surface of the pond as soon as they see food.

3. Camden Park

Camden Park

Camden Park is a theme park with rides, games and other attractions for children. Originally created in 1903 as a picnic area, it wasn’t until 1950 that Camden Park turned into an amusement park.

This is a perfect throwback to the past—a time when children were not yet overtaken by modern technology.

The park is similar to a year-round county fair, with great rides and old-school games. The cafeteria there is really good; you can even get slushies on hot days! Besides discounts and online tickets—which are perfect for avoiding long queues at the parks—you can also purchase food while in line.

4. Joan C. Edwards Stadium

Joan C. Edwards Stadium

Joan C. Edwards Stadium has a great atmosphere, with inexpensive drinks and fans who are very vocal.

Whether you are a big Herd fan or just appreciate what the program has grown to be from its 1970 plane crash, visiting this venue will energize your spirit with all of its histories.

The west lot of the stadium is a great place to get pre-game activities like concerts and thunder walks, where players greet fans before each game.

The stadium features great views from any seat, and the scoreboard replays key moments during games so that you do not miss a single play.

5. I-64 Eastbound West Virginia Welcome Center

I-64 Eastbound West Virginia Welcome Center

The Eastbound West Virginia Welcome Center consists of three buildings: a rest area of I-64 with public restrooms and vending machines as well as two tourist information centers.

This small welcome center has the typical information about West Virginia, which makes it a good place to stop and stretch your legs.

The views from the center’s terrace are quite lovely, and the Welcome sign is great for a photo session. Be sure to check out West Virginia’s Airborne Monument—it honours residents who served in elite units of the US military.

6. Ritter Park

Ritter Park

The spacious Ritter Park offers trails, green spaces, and a rose garden. The park also features a dog park and playground with sandboxes for children’s enjoyment—and the tennis courts are perfect for athletes!

The trails through the woods are wonderful for a family outing. One path follows along a stream and past homes covered with trees—for most of the walk.

Besides that, there is a beautiful rose garden. When in bloom the flowers are really quite stunning. A lovely creek runs through the property and makes a great place to stroll and enjoy nature’s splendour!

7. Barboursville Park

Barboursville Park

Barboursville Park, located 20 minutes from Huntington, offers beautiful scenery with mountains and Lake William as a backdrop. The park also has many sports activities including soccer and baseball fields, tennis courts—as well as basketball and volleyball facilities!

The lake was built in 1992, and it provides fishing opportunities during both springtime and winter.

The park has a nice pebble walkway around the lake, as well as plenty of covered picnic areas with benches and porch swings. The park also counts with a horse show ring where you can go on a ride accompanied by one of the trails in the area.

8. Heritage Farm Museum & Village

Heritage Farm Museum & Village

Heritage Farm Museum & Village is a replica Appalachian village, complete with an old-fashioned schoolhouse and general store. After you’ve checked in at the welcome center, be sure to visit the gift shop or restaurant!

The Maker Space is an entire building where kids can go to participate in fun and creative activities.

Not to mention two playgrounds, a transportation museum and the world’s only travelling doll collection. To learn more about life in rural Appalachia, this is an interesting place to visit!

9. Kenova’s Pumpkin House

Kenova’s Pumpkin House

The Kenova Pumpkin House, is a historic house featuring a musical show about Jack O’Lanterns that draws more than 1,000 visitors per day.

The people of this small western West Virginia town do the incredible work of carving intricate designs into all their pumpkins before Halloween, then keeping them intact for about a week.

This is a pumpkin-carving walkup where visitors can admire the creations of skilled artists, or carve their own if they desire. Food trucks are also available for those who would like to eat while they explore.

10. Harris Riverfront Park

Harris Riverfront Park

Across from Pullman Square, Harris Riverfront Park is a green space with a skate park and playground—as well as picnic tables and exercise equipment. The park also boasts an amphitheater that hosts concerts throughout the year.

From this park, you can enjoy hiking along both the Paul Ambrose Trail for Health and Chuck Ripper Trail. Information panels throughout tell the region’s history while adorable water towers decorate your walk by night.

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11. Ritter Park Rose Garden

Ritter Park Rose Garden

The Ritter Park Rose Garden has thousands of roses and a small event space with a deck.

The park, which features more than 3,000 roses and has been voted one of the country’s best rose gardens, is a beautiful place to spend some free time walking along rows of flowers as well as beside a bubbling stream.

The garden is most beautiful when the roses are in bloom, but if you go late in the season there will not be much to see—the bushes are removed. On the other hand, if you go during fall and witness leaves changing colour as well; this whole different look gives it.

12. Ritter Park Amphitheater

Ritter Park Amphitheater

Ritter Park Amphitheater is a regional theater that hosts concerts and seasonal shows of many genres.

The venue hosts other events throughout the year, including the Outdoor Community Theater in June and July, as well as Ritter Live Free Concerts Series.

The amphitheater is sheltered among the pine trees of Ritter Park. It holds 1,000 visitors and has a seating area along natural contours on the hillside where everyone can enjoy the view.

13. The Wild Ramp

The Wild Ramp

The Wild Ramp is a market where fresh produce and new food options are always on offer.

They have a huge assortment of produce, meat and other food items. Many things are only available seasonally, but you can find almost anything there year-round.

Although prices can be high sometimes, remember that you are supporting local businesses and the community by shopping at the Farmer’s Market. However, fresh produce is always available during the summer season!

14. The Lost Escape Room

The Lost Escape Room offers a fun way to spend an evening by testing your wits and cooperating with others in order to solve puzzles within a locked room.

The game rooms available are The Lost Queen, Shine, and End of the Line. Each room has a well-written storyline that is very realistic.

Everything is explained in detail before you begin, and the instructors are available to help if there’s any confusion. The puzzles themselves can be hard, but not impossible.

15. St. Cloud’s All-Inclusive Playground

St. Cloud’s All-Inclusive Playground

St. Cloud’s All-Inclusive Playground is a clean, well-built park that offers something for all ages to enjoy.

This park is a great place for kids. The playground has plenty of shade and nearby there’s an area where children who are disabled can play while the rest enjoy themselves in other parts.

St. Cloud Common Lodge is a recreational area and park that features walking trails, ball fields, and an innovative playground made of soft foamy rubber to prevent accidents.

16. Keith Albee Performing Arts Center

Keith Albee Performing Arts Center

The Keith Albee Performing Arts Center, a historic 1920s theater, is Huntington’s most beautiful example of architecture from that period.

The ceiling of the theater is an evening sky with clouds and twinkling stars. The interior looks Venetian, with its opulent décor. The lobby and entrance are beautifully original—architecturally they reflect a time long gone by.

This charming venue has been lovingly cared for, and there really is not a bad seat in the house. Also, don’t be scared at night if you’re in the Keith—good ghost stories abound!

17. Virginia Point Park

Virginia Point Park

Virginia Point Park sits where the Ohio River and Big Sandy River meet, making it a point of interest for anyone from Kentucky, Ohio or West Virginia looking to explore new territory.

Within 500 yards you can see three different states and learn the history of this area on a guided tour. Convenient parking and easy access make it an ideal stop for getting your bearings when exploring the region’s geography.

The park includes memorials with signs detailing its history, as well as a few swings for children and some fishing. Boating is also an option at the park.

18. Pump Up The Fun

Pump Up The Fun is the Tri State’s premier indoor inflatable center, with some really cool slides and bouncy houses. Plus there’s a jungle gym, an obstacle course and some smaller slides for little ones to enjoy.

They do some cool events, like lock-ins and birthday parties. Besides, the new waterpark feature is not only highly functional—it’s great for gatherings!

19. The Highlands Museum & Discovery Center

The Highlands Museum & Discovery Center is a museum that presents both historical and scientific exhibits.

Although it may be small, this museum has many exhibits about a variety of topics. You can learn more about country music and World War II here, as well as Native American culture.

The entire lower level of the museum is a treasure trove for children. It’s a great way for parents to let their little ones run off some steam, and also learn something in the process—something even grown-ups can enjoy!

20. Green Bottom Wildlife

Green Bottom Wildlife

Green Bottom Wildlife area is a unique wetland wildlife spot with lots of nature, swamps and waters perfect for boating.

The park is home to 30 species of mammals and over 100 species of birds, two examples being grey and red foxes.

If you plan to walk the bottom of the riverbank, be aware that there is no ranger station or courtesy patrol. So either stay on the main path or take a friend with you.

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21. Memorial Fountain

Memorial Fountain

The Memorial Fountain is a memorial to the Marshall University football team.

In addition to its coaches, fans and crew, the entire Marshall University football team was killed in a plane crash when it approached Huntington airport in 1970. To honour those lost players, a fountain stands on campus at Marshall—where it still flows today.

Visiting this fountain is a humbling experience, and the aftermath of the tragedy—the way that Marshall recovered from such a great loss—is at least inspiring.

22. Museum of Radio & Technology

Museum of Radio & Technology

The Museum of Radio & Technology is both an exhibit hall for historic radio equipment and a research facility that houses early electronic components.

Their guided tours bring the history of music players and electronics to life through their fascinating stories. So go check out—and remember—the radios, TVs, and computers of your childhood!

Overall, the museum is an outstanding collection of all types—and makers—of electronics. Most everything still works and you may even be able to try some of them out for yourself!

23. Altizer Park

Altizer Park

Altizer Park features a ball field, basketball court, and walking trail—and an outer space-themed playground. The sunken trampoline lets kids bounce with glee while the play aeroplane gives them something to climb onto as they soar across galaxies.

Altizer Park is located on the eastern end of Huntington and offers activities for all ages.

The walking loop at Altizer Park has some interesting exercise equipment along the path, so you can stay in shape and enjoy a movie night with your family.

24. Huntington Museum of Art

Huntington Museum of Art

Famous for its extensive art collection and beautiful gardens, what was once known as Huntington Galleries is now known simply as the Huntington Museum of Art.

This museum contains a wide variety of exhibits, including ceramics and watercolour paintings.

The museum’s displays include folk art, near-Eastern art and photographs of jazz-age performers. The conservatory is home to a wonderful variety of plants—and some poison frogs!

25. Bahnhof WVrsthaus & Biergarten

Bahnhof WVrsthaus & Biergarten’s 33 beers on tap, 569 miles of sausage and full bar are enough to please any German food lover. Their menu features sausages — schnitzels pretzels, etc.— as well as classic favourites like potato salad.

Sausage Party serves a variety of foods, most notably their delicious beer cheese. The restaurant itself has a very nice atmosphere and décor- perfect for an evening out with friends!


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What is Huntington WV best known for?

Huntington is well-renowned for its extensive park systems, including Ritter’s Park. The park is one of America’s 10 Great Public Areas.

What is the number 1 attraction in West Virginia?

Harper’s Ferry is perhaps the most famous destination in Western Virginia. It’s more than a picturesque 1915-era village. The park is primarily the National Historical Park which contains Civil War battlefields, remnant campsite and most famously John Browns Fort and John Brown Museum.

What is the crime rate in Huntington WV?

Huntington WV murder rate – death is 33.63% higher in 2016 than in 2016. Huntington WV Murder – Crime rate 2000 – 2017.

What is there to do in Huntington WV this weekend?

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If you’re looking for an adventure vacation that encompasses both mild and extreme activities as well as time to relax, Huntington, WV is the perfect destination.