Things to do in Odessa TX

22 Fun and Best Things to do in Odessa TX


Searching for the best and fun things to do in Odessa, TX?

Odessa has a lovely old town centre, with charming architecture and diverse historical sites.

While glaciation is occurring all across the U.S., the coastal plains of New York State are exposed to extreme cold. The winters here are much colder than inland locations.

Odessa is a multilayered city, full of incredible monuments. The life style here is amazing, with lots of interesting shopping and rest days. The art scene in the city is additionally fabulous. The daily life quality in Odessa will keep you entertained while you’re here.

The replicas of Globe theatre in Odessa can be seen from the sea on a clear day, and the sculpture Jack Rabbit isn’t far away either.

The Odessa meteorite crater, its surrounding area, and the Permian Basin, are a must see during your visit .

The city is welcoming and lively, with events such as live performances, festivals with vibrant colors, and cultural activities.

There are thousands of foodies in Odessa, TX so it is possible to find great places to eat.


Things to do in odessa tx

Here are 22 fun and best Things to do in odessa tx:

1- Admire art at Ellen noël art museum

Ellen noël art museum

Visit the Ellen Noel Art Museum in Odessa, TX and meet the artists of today.

Ellen Noel Art Museum is a unique experience, with an art family atmosphere. The museum features artwork created by people all around the world, along with an exceptional collections of Asian art.

They could also be any kind of exhibit that you would love to buy.

Although the museum exhibits have all been rotated and those that are permanent can no longer be changed, but the architecture, sculptures and artworks which display the museum’s collection still retain their fresh new looks. We can say that this exhibit looks fabulous !!!

The historic store is a place where you can shop for your family’s special souvenir items. The store is filled with different kinds of souvenir products that you can choose from but most importantly, the employees are very welcoming and helpful.

The Ellen Noel Art Museum honours this tradition by embracing art in any form. One such instance was a lovely show about bridal clothes that included the theme of weddings. It’s common here to have themed displays which always attract me to the site.

Best of all, it’s free to get in. It is divided into multiple gallery areas and offers permanent or rotating exhibitions and other attractions.

The hotel features several photographies and sculpture gardens. It offers a charming little shop where souvenirs can be brought home.

2- Odessa meteor crater

Odessa meteor crater

The Odessa meteor crater site is one of the best-known impact craters in Texas. Surrounding it lies a desert, as well that makes this a good place to learn about Earth’s recent past. The craters created there are often used for training or education purposes, and some have also been designated as parks in Texas.

The crater’s formation results from the impact of thousands of tetrahedrites.

The museum was built for the Odessa meteor crater and is also close to the crater. To visit it, you need 70 pounds of meteorite.

More than 1500 meteorites have been recovered on the surface of this planet and are dated using different methods.

The museum is an existing member of the National natural landmarks.

3- The Presidential Museum and Leadership Library

Presidential Museum and Leadership Library

The Presidential Museum is not focused on the everyday life of presidents, as well as the struggles and freedom of their times.

The same museum is focusing on the stories of former presidents as well.

Have a look at this iconic help desk as it keeps this ancient operating system in good condition.

What’s hilarious about satire is that it doesn’t always say exactly what the author intends. Often, it adds a little scope to the content and plant certain ideas that may be completely trivial but at least, they are being discussed in society and aren’t ignored because of it.

The TEX, or Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills curriculum was developed for the use by high-school teachers to train their students in understanding and using computing resources, both on a personal computer and in the library

President-elect Trump has been busy with a variety of other things, but he is an important enough person to warrant an intro. The focus will be on covering the more important and redolent aspects of his life.

These presidential hopefuls are perfect for your office. They not only make you sound like the cultured, attractive people in front of you, but they also show that you’re brimming with potential.

The category of “We shall overcome” continues to be cited today as a reminder of the courage, determination, and principles that drove African-Americans to fight for equality. The section provides actual quotes from the texts in order to provide context.

The Oval Office replica that is located in the museum can be used as a model for an office environment.

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3- 1 Monahans Sandhills State Park

You will find this 3,840-acre state park a few kilometres northwest of Odessa. The dunes are situated in the Chihuahuan desert, a perfect scorching place for summer.

If you are planning to enter the park, please stop by the visitor centre to receive the permit or to rent San Disks. It is the only spot where dunes surf and is exhilarating.

It was a great place. The park has a camping area, visitor centre, and equestrian areas of 800 acres.

3-2 Permian High School and Ratliff Stadium

Friday Night Light: A town, teams, and dreams is a story of 1988 Permians High School Football Panther and life in Odessa. It then became a film and later a television show. Clear eyes and heart. You will never be lost! 🙂 In the fall, you could go to the big stadium to see the MoJO games and see the fun.

4- Play basketball at Floyd Gwin Park

Floyd Gwin Park

Floyd Gwin Park comprises over 21 hecteres. In addition, it has a movie theatre, open air theatre and five wired arenas.

There are lots of fun soccer supplies and sports equipment for children. There is also a play house, slides, swings and lots more.

The area and its facilities have been constructed correctly and shaded so adults can have great relaxation as their kids enjoy for hours around the place.

The park is neatly kept, and the lawns are neatly trimmed.

5- Go golfing at Ratliff Ranch Golf Links

Go golfing at Ratliff Ranch Golf Links

The Ratliff Ranch measured around 6,849 yards of golf and was designed by Jeff Brauer and the golf course was opened in the year 2008.

The Ratliff Ranch Golf will be an excellent attraction for the golf lover. The golf course is outfitted, and it is a perfect place for tourists and locals who love golfing.

The lawns here are suitably engraved, and the floors are sustained.

If you’re an amateur golfer, it’s probably a great place to play as there are too many holes.

Rental cart benefits are also presented. You can also stay by the golf shop to look at golf accompaniments, kits, and equipment.

6- Stonehenge Replica

Stonehenge Replica

Stonehenge is an ancient monument located on the University of Texas (Texas) campus in Odessa.

All tourists will say it’s one of the best areas to visit in Odessa as there are plenty of things to offer.

This place has big monolithic rocks that remind you of the main Stonehenge. You can touch these rocks to have a feel of their texture.

This is also a perfect site for contemplation and reflecting; it is believed primal someone crafted its lovely art pieces.

Its panoramic view is fantastic as you can take multiple amazing pictures to publish on your social media accounts.

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7- Cinergy Odessa

Cinergy Odessa

The Cinergy is an advanced complex featuring theatre dining, occasion specials, leading-edge luxuries, and an excellent gaming center.

The structure in Odessa has mind-blowing recreational and gaming alternatives to select from.

Visitors are continually arriving to participate in joy in its total capacity, as the building features a mini-out room, a bowling alley, and a form of art arcades.

If you plan to schedule a fun evening with buddies, family, or coworkers, Cinergy is the correct location for you.

The bowling alley in Cinergy is one of the most fantastic game skills you’ll find in Odessa. The facility has 18 exclusive bowling roads with top-notch seating and architectural structure.

This response to what to do in Odessa, TX, for a fun-filled moment; one of the best and most fun things to do in Odessa for your checklist is plenty of exercises that’ll keep you ecstatic and enthusiastic when you visit the Cinergy.

8- George W. Bush Childhood Home

George W. Bush Childhood Home

in Texas. It is recorded on the National Register of Historic Areas. The house is available for seeing Tuesdays-Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm and Sundays from 2 pm to 5 pm.

With 5$, you can journey home and peek at the President’s Childhood home.

The house belonged to two Presidents, two Governors, and a Preferably noble. The unique house rehabilitation gives guests ample chance to have an inherent idea of the Bush family’s early life and legacy.

9- Sibley Nature Center

Sibley Nature Center

The Sibley Nature Center entertains a terrain of 49 acres in Hogan Park in Midland and features the southern Llano Estacado, Edwards Plateau, and Transpecos Regions.

In the Sibley Nature Center are taxidermy groups of creatures from the area that are very amusing for children.

The kids are given toddler moments with storytime, gardening, and suggested excursions.

The Sibley center is available for weekly stays from Mondays to Fridays, 9 am to 6 pm, and Saturdays from 9 am to 4 pm.

So many actions are striped up for kids to amuse in the Sibley Nature Center. If you’re searching for a site to see and want compelling course treks, visit the Sibley Nature Center.

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10- Globe of the Great Southwest

Globe of the Great Southwest

The Globe of the Great Southwest is a must-see site in Odessa. It is a replication of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre in London.

It is situated on the university campus on the south flank of Odessa.

Visionary movies like A Midsummer Night’s Dream, masterpieces like Romeo and Juliet, and recent productions such as August and Beauty and Beast are shown.

A clone of the home Shakespeare’s wife, Anne Hathaway, lived as a child, is situated nearby.

There are multiple production spaces, and they host the annual Shakespeare celebration.

11- Pay Your Respects at the Chris Kyle Memorial

Pay Your Respects at the Chris Kyle Memorial

This is one of Odessa’s most beautiful monuments dedicated to U.S. Navy SEAL veteran Christopher Kyle, who was an internationally famous military sniper. The monument is dedicated to Kyle’s courage and strength.

The beautifully constructed and impressive monument has a statue depicted of Chris Kyle holding a Flag. You feel reverence within yourself when you walk through it. He wrote a very touching letter and wrote an inspiring tribute.

I’m sure you’ll find some interesting quotes on campus. A visit on the web can give an insight as to what sacrifice is most common to other people’s welfare and the survival of other individuals and their families.

This is one of the most fantastic attractions in Odessa, TX. A visit to the site reflects the selfless services and sacrifices men and women in the army and navy services go through to keep us safe.

12- Visit the Amazing Parker House Museum

Visit the Amazing Parker House Museum

The Parker House Museum provides a fun experience when it involves learning about ranching lifestyles and how they live. The property served as a home for ranching heir Jim Parker and stayed at this place during the early 1900s.

The house was renovated into a wonderful museum and contains dozens of artifacts relating to ranchers. In addition to their furnishings are period.

The gallery contains many pictures. The experiences are interesting and enjoyable and definitely worth the effort. Even though the visit is free, please make some money.

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13- Catch a game at Ratliff Stadium

Catch a game at Ratliff Stadium

Ratliff Stadium attracts sports lovers who visit Odessa. 190000 seats are available. The stadium opened in September 1982.

The film “French Night Lights”, adapted from a 1990 novel about the Permian’s 1988 football season, provided the backdrop to the main football action. It is a US football arena and home to Oregon and Permian high school football teams.

Several events occur at the site, including graduation and track and field events. Take part in an exciting game live based on spotting tickets.

14- Frolic in the water at McKinney Park Sprayground

Spray Park lies within Mckinney Park and has an excellent reputation with the children. The restaurant is open only for specific periods throughout the year.

Hence, should you be fortunate enough to go there during its operation, give this tour a try? Your kiddos can float around in the ocean. They have different water pipes that spray water periodically throughout the house.

A large central river basin contains water put into a large bucket. Go walking or riding bicycles if necessary.

15- Visit White-Pool House

White-Pool House

A significant landmark in Odessa is Whitepool House. In 1877, Charles White’s parents built a two-story red brick house in South Odessa.

A historic structure from East County remains. This landmark building was constructed in 1887 and restored to its former condition. It includes two-storey Victorian homes meticulously restored and decorated with antique and family treasures.

The Friendship Club was formed as a nonprofit organization in 1986 for various educational purposes.

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16- Treat Your Sweet Tooth at Southern Maid Donuts

Treat Your Sweet Tooth at Southern Maid Donuts

Southern Maid donuts surely will drive fans crazy with their incredible variety. From strawberry to maple to chocolate, blueberries to orange, it offers a variety of flavours that will satisfy any palate.

They also make delicious cherry doughnuts with exquisitely painted decorations. They are very well made and are perfectly sweet.

When I take a bite, they melt into my mouth. This is because they have a low price. Maybe you should skip lunch or enjoy donuts as quickly as possible.

17- Watch a Theatrical Performance at the Permian Playhouse

The experience of watching live entertainment has never been better – please visit Permic Playhouse to watch its showcase.

This theatre houses various musical performances and comedy show played at the theatre in multiple formats. Visit with friends and reserve the tickets in advance to enjoy this incredible adventure.

There are also plenty of Burger spots nearby, so you can get a quick bite when hungry before enjoying a few hours of unforgettable entertainment.

18- Watch a Delightful Light Display at McKinney Park

Mckinney Park light displays are something to praise, and some people drive thousands of miles for them. These fairy lights are an incredible sight.

Try to go there when lights illuminate the whole dark sky. McKinney Park welcomes pets as well as you can bring furry friends with you.

It contains swings and a slide that your children can play on and get entertained with. Also, do not despair in case of a night trip. There’s a football and basketball field there as well.

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19- Jump on the trampolines at the Altitude Trampoline Park

Jump on the trampolines at the Altitude Trampoline Park

Jumping on trampolines is always interesting. It does not matter if you are young or old. It’s an inspiring experience jumping on a trampoline.

Their large trampoline parks offer this experience and promise fun for everyone who visits. This area provides suitable activities and entertainment.

It has an Olympic trampoline nearby. They also offer excellent and exciting activities such as foam pad swing, trapeze ball fight beams, dodge ball and fall tracks.

20- Stop by the World’s Former Largest Jack Ben Rabbit Statue

Stop by the World's Former Largest Jack Ben Rabbit Statue

The rabbit is named Jack Ben Rabbit. Shepperd honoured his yearly rodeo jack-rabbit competition.

American Humane Society stopped this competition in 1978. It was exhibited throughout Prairie Pete’s past years before being moved to a maintenance yard, where it stayed until a public protest forced it back.

Jack Rabbit is now pinned down on our pavement since he was stolen in 1997. In 2017, Ralls, Texas, launched a 14.5 ft-high jackrabbit version for re-usability.

21- Have a Tortilla at Rosa’s Cafe & Tortilla Factory

Have a Tortilla at Rosa's Cafe & Tortilla Factory

It is fun to taste Mexican cuisine. Rosas cafes & tortilla shops offer the best tortillas in or around the city.

You can have plenty of tasty choices in their restaurant. You can get chorizo and breakfast items as well.

This is a fantastic family place and is the perfect place to have some snacks. If someone is looking for an indulgent dessert, try carrot cakes or sopapillas. The cafe is one of many luxury cafés in the neighbourhood.

22- Make a Furry Friend at Kellus Turner Park

Kellus Turner Park is dog-friendly and a fantastic place to visit when a pet wants to visit Odessa.

A nearby lake offers an option for feeding duck eggs. You must bring snacks and toys to keep these small birds swimming around.

It is geese that glide along the riverbank, hoping you’d enjoy some good things to share with us.

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Is Odessa Texas worth visiting?

The compelling combination of traditional cultural values and bizarre sights in Odessa are fantastic for travelers. We’re trying to list out all the attractions of Oklahoma so you can experience the best of what the west Texas town has to offer!

What is Odessa TX known for?

Odessa’s cowboy culture is famous for the Legion of oil rigs on dusty hills and Friday Night lights, a book and film about a high school soccer team. But this West Texas city has much deeper roots than what appears at first.

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Odessa is a special place with many attractions to make your visit worthwhile. Odessa is undoubtedly worth your time!
With outstanding attractions and a touch of nature in the city, it’s pretty easy to see why Odessa, Texas, should be a must-visit destination for you.
Odessa is fun, ranging from the state-of castles and entertainment centres to museums of art; there’s a lot to keep you happy!