things to do in Marshall, TX

16 best and fun things to do in Marshall, TX

Marshall is a state capital from the 1840s situated in North-central Texas. It is the county seat of Harrison County and the first to establish telegraph services in Texas. The city now has lots of interesting historical sites and interesting attractions for tourists. Marshall covers 7681 square km of land with many interesting places to visit. A few places to be found around these cities are attractive shops and fun places. List some great activities, visit and fun 16 things to do in Marshall, TX.


Things to do in Marshall, TX

Here are the top Things to do in Marshall, TX:

1- Visit the Starr Family Home State Historic Site

Starr Family Home State Historic Site

From the start, the Starr clan was huge. In fact, the family helped settle a third of the land which later became the Lone Star Territory. The Starr family began its roots in Marshall and built a charming home in the 1870s. Today the Starr Family House Historic Site remains the most significant attraction of this historic home. This house (named Maplecroft) was formerly located close to the Marshall Museum, bringing back a step in time. The rooms are decorated with Starr family heirlooms dating back to four generations. After your visit to Maplecroft, stroll through the expansive gardens, where the flowers are surrounded by a colorful kaleidoscope and are scattered with flowers and plants.

The Starr Family House State Historic Place is among several interesting historical spots found around the city. The Web site is accessible through West Travis St. This historic location dates from at least 1870 but is now recognized as historic in 1986. It’s approximately 3.2 acres and has two stories and a variety of artefacts. Several items found here are old furniture and clothing. Several of those works are from at least 1800s, depicting four generations in a family’s history. Historic Starr family home state home is the best destination in Marshall for curious travelers.

2- Light up your holidays at Wonderland of Lights

Light up your holidays at Wonderland of Lights

Enjoy a fun and festive holiday at Marshall with a trip to Wonderland. The Wonderland of Lights is an annual celebration that began almost 40 years ago and was accompanied with millions of lights lighting the historic 1901 Courthouse. There’s nothing in your mind to choose from during these excursions as there are many sights to be seen during these Festivals. This year’s festival offers some great attractions like the Santa Village parade and car shows. Among the various activities you have the chance to enjoy during the celebration you may try carriage trips, trains and ice skating trips. It is easy to spend your holiday at Wonderland Lights.

Experience Christmas in a wonderland of lights

The grand courtroom is covered by thousands of light. Carriages of horse riding along streets. The crowd bundled up in winter skates on the outdoor rink. Come to Marshall for Wonders of Lights. From late November through December, this annual tradition provides many opportunities to enjoy every Yuletide pleasure of the holiday season.

3- Visit the Texas and Pacific Railroad Museum/Depot

Texas and Pacific Railroad Museum/Depot

History enthusiasts can enjoy a lot of interesting attractions and experiences at the Marshall Museum. Among the numerous historic locations around the city, the Texas Pacific Railroad Museum is a historic attraction that is worth visiting. It’s located near T&P Railroad Yard ruins. At one time the depot was the home to troops from WWI and was used to provide telegraph and immigration services in the country. This depot is visible from a large red building in north Washington. The Museum is accessible by a tunnel beneath Amtrak lines and in the historical district of Ginocchi.

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4- Get outdoors in Caddo Lake State Park

Paddle through calm seas sheltered by gigantic cypress trees, passing wading birds and egrets. There are few places in Texas as beautiful as Caddo Lake State Park. The lake covers all sides of the Texas and Louisiana borders. Take a ride on the dozens of paddling routes or catch a variety of fish including bass, crappie, catfish, sunfish and pickets. Watch the distant woodpecker and enjoy an incredible variety of frog species while walking through dense forest. After lunch, set up a tent in the campground and watch as the night sky filled with seemingly infinite starlight.

5- Admire the historic 1901 Harrison County Courthouse

The old courthouse in Harrison counties is the architectural highlight in Marshall. The yellow brick façade is surrounded by pink granite panels that adorn the porch, and the four-story building features a large dome. Founded in 1899 this neo-classical court building has been called among the most impressive structures in Texas. So attractive, its outer appearance, the insides are equally amazing. Set up your chairs in the atrium and admire stained glass cupolas and decorative paints. Are you interested in seeing this?

6- Browse Paintings and Other Displays at the Michelson Museum of Art

Browse Paintings and Other Displays at the Michelson Museum of Art

All art lovers must visit the Museum Michelson. Michelsons Museum is the home of several different artwork by many artists. As its name suggests, the museum displays the various works of Leo Michelson. Museum opened in 1984. Several more artists also have contributed their pieces to this collection. The art is represented by Bernard Kronenberg and Ramona Ward. Depending upon months there are various exhibition shows at the museum in various formats by different artists. It has also hosted summer classes for students.

Leo Michelson is well recognized for painting, prints, sculptures and prints as “Leo a famous American”. He appeared throughout Europe and the US. Before World War II he worked at the internationally renowned École de Paris. Michelson’s varied and inspiring creations range from San Diego to Latvia but his largest collection contains nearly 11,000 paintings, illustrations and letters at the Marshall Michelson Museum for the Arts.

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7- Get a bite to eat in Marshall TX

It may sound difficult if you don’t want an authentic Italian meal in a rural town in East Texas but that is exactly what your pizza shop offers. The family owners originally originated from Italy and send traditional recipes and supplies from Italy. They offer the best wines in East Texas. Stop in at the beginning and enjoy some amazing Italian coffee. Central Perks is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11:30-12:00 p.m. There is some delicious vegan food, good sandwhiches and an amazing tea made from fruit.

8- Grab a Cup of Joe

Joe Pine Coffee is owned by two local families and they value each client’s experiences as well as the quality coffee which has been put into a cup. Joe Pine has a philosophy that every customer has an important experience with his products as their customers are their biggest asset. Joe Pine coffee uses specialized Texas coffee roasters which ensures high quality coffee and an authentic regional experience. Located near historic downtown Marshall, this makes it the ideal stopping point to explore the town.

9- Learn County History at the Harrison County Historical Museum

Learn County History at the Harrison County Historical Museum

The county holds historical information at Harrison County Historical Museum. The Harrison County Historical Museum offers a couple of locations to explore Marshall County historical background. This exhibition is available in Peter Whetstone Square in East Houston. According to what you see in an exhibition, there are different kinds of facts and information about the county, or the history of a local veteran. The Harrison County Historical Museum also offers volunteers and educational programs.

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10- Park your RV at Cypress Valley RV Park

The Cypress Valley RVpark is among the numerous attractions in Marshall and the best place in the area for the outdoor enthusiast. The park can be found on Highway 59 or stay up to a month. Several amenities are available for an enjoyable camp and there are various options to participate. The park and staff provide a pleasant stay to those interested either in fishery trips or board games at the lodge. Any camper or nature lover will have a lot of fun at Cypress Valley RV Park.

11- Try Smoked Meats at Bear Creek Smokehouse

Try Smoked Meats at Bear Creek Smokehouse

Bear Creek Smokehouse has become one of the top places to visit Marshall in search of the culinary scene nearby. The Bear Creek Smokehouse is a smoked meat restaurant that runs since 1943 and is situated near state Highway 66. The Smokehouse offers several different smoked meats. Apart from various food items you can find items in stores and even cookbooks. On certain days it’s possible to have a barbeque. There are several foods that can be smoked at Bear Creek Smokehouse.

12- Shop at the Blissmoor Valley Ranch Company Store

Take advantage of an exciting selection of products at the Blissmoor Valley Ranch Co Store located at North Washington Avenue. These stores carry antiques and accessories and are perfect for home furnishings. Once you’re done shopping, you can choose from a wide variety of sweet treats. Those treats were served with ice cream and fudge. You may enjoy soda and other foods offered at stores. The Blissmoor Valley Ranch Company Shop is a good place to explore Marshall for fun.

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13- See a Show at the Memorial City Hall

Memorial City Hall is the most popular place to view performances and you are able to get there by going to East Austin Street. The performing center was established in 1927 with various shows from concerts & informative talks. It also acts as a conference venue where many activities take place. The venue also serves as the location of the local museum exhibit which displays the history of local veterans. If you love music then visit the Memorial City Hall.

14- Visit the horses at Karma Farms

Visit the horses at Karma Farms

Horse enthusiasts have to visit Karma farms to see Marshall. Karma Farm is a horse-riding center and breeding farm situated near the 59th Street US Highway. Its main livestock is Colonial Spanish horse. It has a mission of preserving animals. In addition, the property also provides horse-riding classes to visitors. The family farm covers about 150 acres and you must book the ride by calling us. Karma Farms is the best place to visit for horse riding.

15- Find Fresh Items and Crafts at the Market on the Square

Visit Marshall in May to visit the Market Square. Market at Square is an independent farmers market that operates in downtown. It usually operates on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Several vendors offer products such as fresh jam, fruit, and other items from handmade items. You will also discover several different free books, live entertainment and events on the market. Visit markets in the Square for tasting local prices and special events.

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16- Join the Harvest Festival

Join the Harvest Festival

The Harvest festival is a great event in Marshall that will help us get into the fall season. This festival happens around October and is a local celebration of Halloween. There is plenty of attractions for this event including face painting, rides on horseback and a petting zoo. There are also lots of children who enjoy various activities like bounce houses. Harvest Fest occurs around the downtown area and usually lasts a day.

17- Check out Pottery at Martinez Pottery

Does anyone love ceramics? Located on South Marston Industrial Avenue, Martinez potters are recommended. Martinez Pottery is a family-owned company that provides a variety of hand-crafted pottery designs. Currently, they produce about 100 thousand pieces a day and offer an array of products for different home requirements. Martinez Potters offers dozens of different types of pottery items for your home.

18- Play Softball at the Infield Downtown

Infield Downtown

The Infield downtown may have been restricted to its membership. The building covers over six thousand sq. foot and sits close to North Washington. Currently there are several batting cages at the facility. The lounge has seating for relaxing during games and having a drink at home. Check out the Infield Downtown facility to get involved with the sport community.

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Browse collectibles at the Weisman Center

You can also find us in Downtown at the Weissman Center. The Weissman Center is a retail store which houses a range of shops that showcase different items such as gift boxes and more. Several of these items can be found in the Weisman Centre such as antique furniture, retail products as well as candles. There is a large selection available at the store.

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What is Marshall Texas famous for?

Marshall became the first Texas city to offer cellular telgraph services with lines similar in style to “New”. After leaders lured Texas Pacific Railway into Marshall, the population exploded to become a major market for cotton. Marshall was an inspiration for Boogie music.

What region is Marshall TX in?

Marshall Map Marshall is an area of Harrison County located northeastern Texas. Marshall has been the center of major culture and academic activity throughout the East Texas region and throughout Texas.

When was Marshall TX established?

Marshall was formed in 1843, and was the County Seat of Harrison County in 1846. By 1850, Marshall was Texas’ fifth largest city. Marshall was a prominent part of the civil war and provided supplies for the Confederacy.

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Marshall is a city with magic like any other. Whether you like chronology or not, you can find several sites and stories in this city.

The city is more additional than the additional spots that feature past that date back to the 1800s. It also offers numerous fun places for various actions.

These spots include excellent shops with different charms and goodies and a choice of areas to appreciate the outdoors.

Aside from the many locations, you can visit in the city, there are several events you can check out in other seasons.

There is a myriad of choices you can participate in by visiting this Texan city.

Reserve your travel today and try the best and most fun things to do in Marshall, Texas.