Things to Do in Denton, Texas

19 Best and Fun Things to Do in Denton TX


Denton, Texas—home to the University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University—has a rich history and bustling art scene. It offers more than just a college town vibe: with great eats hidden among its neighborhoods are some authentic gems that not many people know about! There are 19 fun and best things to do in Denton, Tx.


Fun Things To Do In Denton

1- Chairy Orchard

Cost: Fun and Free things

Location: TX 76209, 1426 Churchill Dr, Denton

Located between two residential homes, this interactive art installation is excellent for taking pictures or for children to explore.

The lot, filled with various chairs in different sizes and configurations, is the brainchild of two neighbors: Judy Smith and Anne Pearson. They purchased it 30 years ago when they bought land adjoining their properties.

Because The Chairy Orchard is located in a floodway, it’s not safe to visit during rainy weather or after heavy rainfall. This quirky spot is worth stopping by if you enjoy unique places that offer something different from the norm.

Visitors are welcome to enjoy the Chairy Orchard without charge, but they may wish to donate a retro refrigerator near the entrance.

Visiting the Chairy Orchard is among the many unique things in Denton.

 2- Little Chapel in the Woods

Cost: Free to tour

Location: 415 Chapel Dr, Denton, TX 76209

The Little Chapel in the Woods, situated on the edge of the Texas Woman’s University campus, is a sanctuary filled with beautiful stained-glass windows and symbolic art carved into its pews. A brass fixture entitled Women Ministering to Human Needs hangs over one aisle.

A 90-foot long and 24-foot wide chapel, Denton’s University Church of Christ is famous for intimate weddings. Military members, as well as alumna, get discounts when they marry at the church.

Completed during the Great Depression by the National Youth Administration, the chapel also has a history.

If you aren’t getting married, there are still plenty of fun things to do in Denton.

The Little Chapel in the Woods is open for self-guided tours from 9 am to 8 pm daily, and guided tours can be scheduled by calling 940-898-3516. Parking information can also be found on TWU’s website.

 3- Old Alton Bridge

Goat Man’s Bridge is one of Denton County’s most well-known haunted (alleged) sites.

The bridge is popular with photographers as well as hikers. When the light plays across its weathered planks at dawn and dusk, it takes on a tranquil quality. But at night—well… let’s say that sometimes dark entities lurk among the pines of Old Alton Bridge Trail!

The legend of the bridge’s haunting has many variations, and it was built in 1880 as a trade route.

In the 1930s, an African American named Oscar Washburn lived on a nearby goat farm and was well known for producing goats with fine cheeses, milk, meat—and even hides.

A local group of Klu Klux Klansmen became infuriated when they saw a sign on Old Alton bridge, which was placed there by Washburn or someone else. The men stormed his property and lynched him at the site where he’d hung the sign—Old Alton Bridge.

When the heinous night riders returned to Washburn’s home, they found an empty noose but could not find him. Panicked, they burned his house with his family inside.

The legend says Oscar’s vengeful spirit still haunts the bridge, and if you knock on it three times at midnight, he will appear. People who believe in paranormal activity love to visit this spot at night—that’s why it makes our list of spooky things to do in Denton!

4- Quakertown House Museum

Cost: Fun and Free things

Location: Denton, TX 76201, 317 West Mulberry Street

The Quakertown House Museum in Denton County Historical Park sits next to some of the country’s oldest homes. Built-in 1904, this home is now known as the location for Denton County’s African American Museum—an honor that has been rightfully earned throughout time.

The house’s original location was in the historic African-American community of Quakertown. The origins of Quakertown Park date back to the 1870s when several “towns within a town” existed inside Denton.

In the 1920s, city leaders began looking for a place to build fairgrounds. They decided that Quakertown was an ideal spot—without asking anyone if they agreed! So without a discussion about whether it would be best for their townspeople, citizens were uprooted from their homes to make way for this new park project.

Until recently, historians knew little about this town’s history. However, recent discoveries have revealed much of its past. The museum is housed in one of the few buildings from that period that remain today.

The museum houses a collection of historical artwork, family photos, and other artifacts celebrating the community’s rich history.

 5- The Bayless Selby House Museum

Cost: Fun and Free things

Location: Denton, TX 76201, 317 W Mulberry St

In Denton County Historical Park, the Bayless Selby House Museum gives visitors a glimpse into life in Denton at the turn of the century.

Visiting the historical park, you can learn the history of Denton before 1908 and see what daily life was like for residents—by taking a peek at this Victorian home, which reflects their way of life then.

The music room’s piano and the Eastlake-style bedroom suite are two highlights of the tour that will transport you back in time.

The Bayless Selby House Museum is open to the public Wednesday through Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm, with guided tours available by appointment only.

If you’re a history buff, add the Bayless Selby House Museum to your list of things to do in Denton.

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 6- Community Market:

Cost: Fun and Free things

Location: Denton, TX 76201, 317 West Mulberry Street

The Denon County Community Market is held on Saturdays from April to November, from 9 am–1 pm at 317 W. Mulberry Street in West Rushville, and features locally grown produce, colorful flowers/plants—and more!

The market is a short walk from the Historic Denton County Courthouse and Downtown Denton Square, where additional shopping and activities are available.

 7- North Texas Fair and Rodeo

Cost: Varied

Location: Denton, TX 76201, 2217 N Carroll Blvd

If you’re visiting Denton in August and want to experience local culture, check out the North Texas State Fair and Rodeo.

The fairgrounds are located behind the Kroger on Old SH 380. This venue features carnival rides, horse shows, and live music—not to mention lots of great food!

Various contests and events, typical at carnivals or fairs, will also take place throughout the nine-day event in Denton County.

The money raised by the event is used to pay expenses and continue the organization’s scholarship program, according to information on NTFR’s website.

 8- Food Trucks at Austin Street Truck Stop

Cost: Varies by item

Location: Denton, TX 76201, 208 N Austin St

If you visit Eastside, walk through the back of their outdoor space — where Austin Street Truckstop is located. It’s a collection of delicious food trucks ready to satisfy any appetite!

The Pickled Carrot, a Vietnamese fusion restaurant frequenting Austin Street, serves some fantastic dishes.

The truck is best known for its v-fries—a boat of french fries topped with garlic aioli, hoisin sauce, sriracha, peanuts, and your choice of protein.

You can sample street-food classics like The Saucy Hibachi (hibachi and teppanyaki), El Cucuy Burritos (California-style burritos), or Munchie’s Food Truck’s twist on snack favorites.

Austin Street Truck Stop offers plenty of outdoor seating areas, thanks to Eastside.

Denton’s tourism website lists food trucks and the spots where they are typically found.

 9- Apogee Stadium

Cost: Varies

Location: Denton, TX 76205, 1251 S. Bonnie Brae

Apogee Stadium

Those who visit Denton on a Saturday in the Fall should make catching a football game at Apogee Stadium one of their top priorities.

According to the university’s website, the University of North Texas Mean Green Eagles play their home games at Apogee Stadium, which has a seating capacity of 31,000.

Eat a hot dog or some good old-fashioned canned cheese nachos at the concession stand. Or purchase a UNT shirt to show your North Texas pride at the apparel store onsite.

 10- Shop Local

Cost: Varies

Location: Downtown Denton

Denton’s Historic Downtown Square is a hub of activity. It surrounds the Denton County Courthouse and contains shops, restaurants, hotels—even dog parks!

Visit the Mini Mall II and La Di Da, two of Albuquerque’s most popular clothing boutiques. For something more traditional, visit JT Clothiers.

Beth Marie’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream makes its product from scratch. Their menu offers more than 150 flavors, including some seasonal ones—our favorite is the Courthouse Pecan!

For those who don’t care for ice cream, Atomic Candy is an old-fashioned candy store that sells hard-to-find treats like the popular Candy Cigarettes and Zotz and Warheads.

Shopping Courthouse Square and other city areas are among my favorite things in Denton.

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 11- Denton Historic Campus Theatre

Cost: Varies

Location: Denton, TX 76201, 214 W Hickory St.

Located on Hickory St., the Campus Theatre was built in 1909 and is now cared for by the Greater Denton Arts Council. It’s home to Theatre Denton (previously known as Denton Community Theatre), a local group of actors who host live performances.

The Denton Arts Council promotes local artists by showcasing their work at events and in universities around town.

To learn more about upcoming shows, visit and click on the events tab to find ticket prices.

Theater producers at this performing arts venue are not limited to staging plays. Every year, their theater hosts Denton Black Film Festival—a film, music, and art festival for the community that raises awareness about racial inequality in America.

The festival accepts submissions from artists across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex every year.

The DBFF takes place each January and has played host to Grammy Award-winning artists such as Kirk Whalum.

The cost of tickets to the film festival varies based on the package purchased, and all proceeds benefit the Denton African-American Scholarship Foundation.

 12- Denton Firefighters’ Museum

Cost: Fun and Free things

Location: Denton, TX 76201, 332 E. Hickory St.

Denton Firefighters’ Museum

The Denton Firefighters’ Museum, located inside the city’s historic Central Fire Station lobby, features fascinating history and memorabilia dating back to the 1800s. The museum takes visitors through firefighting evolution throughout the last 150 years.

See a hose cart from the 1800s, a ladder truck from 1935, fire extinguishers and helmets dating back to the 1920s—and much more—during your visit to Denton’s Firefighter’s Museum.

The Denton Firefighters’ Museum, open from 8 am–5 pm, should be added to your list of things to do in Denton, TX.

 13- Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center

Cost: Free and fun things

Location: Denton, TX 76208, 3310 Collins Rd

Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center

Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center, is located on the upper floodplain of Lake Lewisville in Denton.

The Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center, is a top attraction in the Denton area for those who love the outdoors. With 10 miles of hiking trails and scenic beauty, this natural preserve offers endless opportunities to enjoy nature’s bounty.

The Wetlands Trail is full of artificial wetlands and waterfowl as well. The High Trail features thick forest terrain with beavers and other creatures.

When you visit the Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center, remember to stay on marked trails and not disturb nature.

14- Take the Train

Denton County Transit Authority makes it easy to leave the city by taking us to nearby cities like Carrollton or Lewisville. Then we can connect with a line that goes on into Dallas or Fort Worth for an adventure!

Check out the Denton County Transit Authority website to plan your route and trip! Day passes cost $3.00 – 12, depending on whether you’re staying local or traveling around North Texas.

15- South Lakes Park

Cost: Free and fun things

Location: Denton, TX 76208556 Hobson Ln.

South Lakes Park

Visiting South Lakes Park is a great way to spend time outside and enjoy many activities offered at this location.

The park is pristine and can be a romantic setting for an alfresco lunch.

It features a playground, sporting fields, picnic tables, and—best of all!—a fishing pond.

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16- Big Sandy Boat Ramp

Cost: Free and fun things

Location: Shady Shores, TX 76208, 267 Lakeshore Rd.

Another local activity that will leave you feeling active and refreshed is Big Sandy Boat Ramp, a historic lake.

You can have a picnic by the lake or rent a kayak and explore its waters at this historical park.

17- Parker House

Location: 855 W. University Dr., Denton, TX 76208

If you’re in the mood for a haunted house, head to Denton. The Parker House is one of the best around.

The Parker House is a must-see destination for tourists who visit Denton, thanks to its famous zombie paintball ride. Take it!

18- Pilot Knoll Park

Cost: Free and fun things

Location: Shady Shores, TX 76208, 267 Lakeshore Rd.

If you want to camp by the water during your Denton visit, consider Pilot Knoll Park on Lewisville Lake.

Pilot Knoll is one of the top tourist destinations in the city—and for a good reason. When people visit this hill, they usually stare up at the night sky to see how many stars are visible from their vantage point: lots and lots!

19- Quakertown Park

Cost: Free and fun things

Location: Denton, TX 76208, 700 Oakland St.

Quakertown Park is 32 acres of amenities for visitors to enjoy, just off McKinney Street on Oakland St.

The park has bridges, a .45-mile walking trail, picnic tables, and an amphitheater. It’s in the heart of Denton County and is one of its biggest attractions.


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Now, you should have a clear idea about what to do and where to visit when in this lovely city.

There are many music, film and cultural festivals in the city; there are also dozens of art galleries and museums.

So start planning a vacation to Denton—it’s the best way to experience this charming city.

This piece of advice is always available to you in your preparations.

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