things to do in LaGrange GA

22 fun and best things to do in LaGrange GA


Are there any great things to do in LaGrange GA? Lagrange is another exciting city and county seat for Troup County, Georgia.

Lagrange represents central Georgia micro-political areas within Combined Georgia-Alabama, Georgia-Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Lagrange is located about 96 kilometers northwest of Atlanta and is situated at the foothills of Georgia Piedmont.

This beautiful village LaGrange, established in December 1828, was named in honor of her country property close to Paris. Marquis of LaFayette List some good places to visit in LaGrange, Georgia.


Things to do in LaGrange GA

Here are the 21 fun things to do in LaGrange GA:

1- Visit Splendid Hills & Dales Estate

Visit Splendid Hills & Dales Estate

This historic monument is crucial in this historic city. Completed in 1916, the home is being erected for Fuller E. Callaway, the textile entrepreneur with his wife Ida Cason Callaway.

The 13000-square-foot residence was designed beautifully and comprises paved pathways with dazzling gardens and a wonderful terrace.

Historically the Ferrell Gardens are one of the most preserved gardens in the nation from the 19th century.

Its Georgian and Italian architecture makes a wonderful historic property from this period. It was well preserved and exceptionally maintained and exhibited the old furnishings and decorations.

Hills and Dales Estate

It was the residence of the Callaway family that grew its revenue in textiles. Comparable in looks to the house of the smallest European noble estate, the home is situated within beautifully-planned gardens first arranged by Sarah Ferrell in the late 1800s.

This is one of the most well-kept collections in the United States. The visitors are able to visit each floor of the Italianate residence, completed in 1916.

The tour includes a 30-minute movie about the past and present of the estate.

2- Appreciate the Beautiful Landscapes at the Fields Golf Club

Appreciate the Beautiful Landscapes at the Fields Golf Club

The 18-hole Links Golf Course is within The Fields Golf Club and is set among the beautiful countryside and rolling hillsides. Anyone interested in golf can join our Fields Golf Club! It will be fun – exciting, engaging, and spectacular.

The Field Golf Course provides spacious greenways with a high level of green play quality, decent green boxes, and primarily fast and hard play areas.

It is available in adult and junior courses by professional golfers whose careers are focused on the development of the sport of golf.

In addition, the company also operates stores to sell shirts, caps, and other accessories.

3- Enjoy skating at Southbend Park

Enjoy skating at Southbend Park

Southbend Park is an impressive and beautiful park that’s within walking distance of Lafayette Squares.

The new hotel opened in the Spring of 2018 and quickly became a popular destination for local visitors. It’s a new park that offers huge playgrounds for kids and a dog park for your dogs and cats to roam around.

The park’s most important feature is a modern skating center that is fashionable. Currently, it offers skateboarding and scooter rides for everyone including snowboarders and skateboarders.

Those who are unable to skate can relax in our open greenspaces and enjoy the beautiful views.

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4- Legacy Museum on Main Street

Legacy Museum on Main Street

The Legacy Museum is located in LaGrange City Centre and focuses on the archives of Troup county.

The rotating temporary exhibition gallery contains exhibits from the company’s extensive paperwork collections and visiting exhibitions from national museums.

This exhibition spans a whole range of LaGrange’s historical pasts, the first of which occurred during the settlements of the city and surrounding area by European-Americans following their removals.

The museum has one bale of Troup County cotton from 1870 that has been acknowledged by many as the oldest cotton from any part of the US.

Discover Historical Items at Legacy Museum on Main Street

Historical exhibits showcase the history of West Georgia. The museum is located inside the Legacy Museum On Main located in LaGrange historic center in Georgia.

A rotating collection of nationally recognizable touring exhibits is available at Legacy Museum on Main.

Find out the most interesting and important historical items like Native American settlers, history in LeGrange, Civil War, businesses, and more.

Currently, the Legacy Museum has an array of collections that include items that range in a variety of eras, from the prehistoric to the contemporary era.

5- See the stunning contemporary art at LaGrange Art Museum

LaGrange Art Museum

LaGrange Art Gallery is a tiny art museum that offers exceptional art from local and international artists. It is based in a historic house in an 1890s Victorian jail and is surrounded by sculpture gardens, four Gallery offices, and collections.

The museum strives to educate visitors by offering an outstanding array of exhibitions, collection outreach services, and educational opportunities.

Artists in this collection include John Lawrence, Lamar Dodd, John Finster, and Benny Andrews.

The museum is accessible via guided tours to see the unique contemporary art.

LaGrange Art Museum

LaGrange Art Museum is housed in an earlier Victorian jail house which showcases all the unneeded architectural details.

The ground contains an artistic garden while the gallery is arranged within four rooms. This collection is primarily composed of about 500 artifacts from the United States.

Internationally acclaimed artists include Andy Warhol sharing wall spaces with Georgian artists including Mildred Thompson and Lamar Dodd.

It also hosts frequent temporary exhibitions making it a must-see stop on any tour of the contemporary arts industry.

6- Enjoy a lovely picnic at Callaway Memorial Tower

Enjoy a lovely picnic at Callaway Memorial Tower

Callaway Memorial Tower is a historic building commemorating textile magnate Fuller E. Callaway. Callaway monuments were built in 1930.

The beautiful Callaghan memorial building was inspired by the Campanile of San Marco in Venice, Italy.

These monuments offer an excellent setting for photos with an enchanting backdrop and ambiance for taking photographs.

Surrounded by beautiful and large grassy fields with lovely views over the beautiful surroundings, it is perfect for relaxation and picnicking. You may even catch or fly the kite from the large green area.

Callaway Memorial Tower

It’s impossible to avoid Callaways in LaGrange since the family is dedicated to their hometown.

Based upon a design inspired by the famous Campanil which is high over Venice’s St-Mark Square, this tower was constructed in 1928. It celebrates Fuller E Callaway’s founder.

It is set in beautiful gardens and offers a suitable spot for visiting almost every month during summer.

Unobstructed views of the tower from every corner make it an attractive topic, both for amateurs as well for professional photographers.

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7- Have fun at Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge offers a relaxing resort in a nature-themed resort that includes indoor, water, and outdoor recreation areas, and is only 3 km from the Callaway Monument.

This children-friendly resort is full of activities a family can do throughout the day, including bowls, a pool, 93,000-sq ft of water, and many more.

In addition, there are three restaurants, four cafés, three bars, and several shops to enjoy food shopping. The resort has a choice of stays at the resort.

The lovely apartments in the Resort are spacious and clean and offer many amenities.

8- Visit Courtyard Courtyard by Marriott LaGrange

Courtyard LaGrange’s newly remodeled, innovative lobby offers more choices. Their bistro is able to serve as a place where euphoria can be found with Starbucks Coffee.

The restaurant serves a variety of delicious meals in the center of the hotel lobby and drinks on special nights.

It allows you to work and relax in a comfortable place that provides free wireless Internet access and a quick connection to the latest news and weather information.

Whatever your trip to work or a relaxing holiday, stay at Court Yard LaGrange to enjoy an amazing stay.

9- LaGrange College

LaGrange College

No ordinary school, LaGrange College has the Lamar Dodd Art Centre.

Established three years after the capital city itself, this private university has become Georgia’s oldest privately-funded university with many students and is nationally known for its high-quality graduates.

Smith Hall is a historic structure on the campus, while the chapel contains stone from the ancient Greek temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece.

The chapel has a few excellent stained-glass window examples too.

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10- Check out Bellevue’s historic mansion

Check out Bellevue's historic mansion

The Bellevue historic mansion was built around the antebellum home located in downtown LaGrange. Benjamin Harvey Hill built it from 1851 – 1855 for Caroline Holliday, his wife.

This building was built as an ancient Greek revival-style architectural structure that represents an excellent example of a domestic-designed temple.

It was the home of the LaGrange Ladies Club. In 1973 the historic property was named National Historic Landmark.

You may take a guided tour of the property and discover its history with expert guides and guides.

Bellevue Mansion

The house is an example of Greek revival architecture in the Georgia antebellum before the Civil War.

This building was listed on the National Historic Site list. Impressive ionic columns rise two floors above external verandas.

Its interior features large wooden carvings, plaster ceilings, and marble fireplaces imported to Italy.

The rooms at the hotel feature a half-screened canopy bed upstairs. Various family memories decorated with antique furniture create an authentic period ambiance.

11- Check out Lafayette Square

Check out Lafayette Square

Lafayette Square is in the town’s centre and is an impressive fountain Square featuring the statues of Marquis de LaFayette, an aristocratic military hero and the US hero during the French Revolution.

The statue was acquired by LaGrange College and installed in 1976. It will be financed by city loans at a temporary level by the city.

The place is regarded by local residents as a place for visitors to enjoy the picturesque downtown La Grange scenery. Visit Lafayette Square to experience the city’s atmosphere and spectacular views.

12- Catch a show or two at Sweetland Amphitheatre

Sweetland Amphitheater is LaGrange’s own local venue that hosts many events like Musicals, Concert Dramas, and many others. This outdoor facility can hold 3,000 people simultaneously.

It offers many great foods for watching movies. It’ll seem you’re in a small city and you’ll never know it.

Located in the center, the area is ideal for concerts and musicals after visiting amazing dining places, unique stores, and amazing attractions in town.

You must also see an event at the Sweetland Amphitheatre if visiting LaGrange Georgia.

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13- Former Coca-Cola Bottling Plant

Former Coca-Cola Bottling Plant

Rare drink firms are able to have bottling plants of this magnitude on Broad Street. Created in Atlanta in 1886 by JPemberton, this commercial beverage had already expanded in popularity in the late 1800s.

The area was huge enough to be used to produce the local bottling plants in the 1930s and was then created as a ‘streamlined modern’ art deco building featuring curling windows and stonework.

The Coca-Cola emblem remains cut into the main entrance from pale stone underneath a contoured glass within a scallop shell.

14- West Point Lake

West Point Lake

From artistic beauty to natural beauty, our natural cousin is Westpoint Lake, less than 13km west of LaGrange.

Currently a manmade damming project on Chattahoochee River, it provides almost 1200 km of beautiful shoreline to select from.

The wildlife management area and two areas of wetland, Dixie Brook and Glover Creek, provide a number of habitats. This includes endangered Bald eagles.

The lake has been known for angler-dropping fish like bluestripe shiners. Alligators were seen eating fish in the area.

15- Cecil B Day Butterfly Center

Cecil B Day Butterfly Center

This butterfly center consists of a large greenhouse located at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain approximately 30km southwest of LaGrange.

The biggest glass tropical conservation site in North America, the center has more than 1 000 butterfly wings that fly among lush green foliage.

The collection contains more than 50 species of this beautiful insect. A further 16 km of bicycle trails can be taken through the garden or settled at Robin Lake Beach, the longest artificial beach on the planet.

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16- Enjoy Italian Cuisine at Venuccio

Enjoy Italian Cuisine at Venuccio

What LaGrange restaurants serve Italian cuisine? Venucci offers a pleasant dining experience thanks to Italian tradition and an amazing atmosphere.

Locals from LaGrange are drawn to Venucci, an open-air restaurant that offers elegant Italian meals that include steaks, spaghetti, and lunch-hour burgers.

Their menu includes authentic Italian dishes made from scratch, including hand-cut steaks, hand-cut salads, and dishes from scratch. Visitors to Venucci can visit the restaurant’s full bar.

17- Lamar Dodd Art Center

Lamar Dodd Art Center

This art centre is named after LaGrange’s second art gallery. This three-story building is located within the LaGrange campus of the College and offers a continually evolving gallery of artwork across three levels.

A stylish area with a sweeping staircase, with rooms bounded by the many double-high windows, offers many artistic forms. In simplest terms, the sculpture offers the maximum impact while walls are a variety of cuts from pencils and paper cuts to colors.

18- Take a guided tour of the Biblical History Center

Biblical History Centre is a cultural museum at LaGrange that showcases the historic world of the Ancient.

The Museum will allow the public to experience the cultures of the Biblical era through elaborate exhibitions, lectures, and informative activities.

The former exploration center of antiquities educates visitors about the biblical age.

This book includes meals, everyday objects, the best archaeological replicas, and a great variety of other items.

Biblical History Center

Frequently still named the archaeological center of antiquity, the Bible historical center seeks to bring alive the period before the advent of Christ.

This is accomplished by the excavation and reconstruction of historic objects. The museum’s Time Tunnel brings visitors back into the period in which worship of the pagan God still occurred in today’s Israel primarily.

Visitors can find out what everyday human life was like about 2000 years later in Christ’s time and what life he likely experienced.

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19- Shop for unique treasures at Ye Olde Red Door Antiques

Shop for unique treasures at Ye Olde Red Door Antiques

Have you ever considered buying something unique and personal for your house? Stop by Ye Olde Red Doors Antiques in LaGrange, Georgia.

Older Red Door Antiques was started by Larry and Bobbie. Red Door Antiques offers a variety of excellent antique items from Europe to China.

Ye Olde Red Door Antiques has an extensive inventory of vintage furniture that you can choose from. The antique shop offers creative gift wrapping for your beloved home.

20- Piedmont Mountains

Piedmont Mountains

In English translation, the foothills describe the Piedmont Mountains in a disservice. This mountain range extends throughout Alabama from Southern New York.

This area includes mountainous areas around LaGrange which include Sweat, Alcovy, and Stone Mountain, which are located just 1.5 hours from LaGrange.

An isolated mountain from quartz, Stone Mountain possesses secluded globality and is near the highest point at the greater Atlanta.

21- Eat Delicious Mediterranean American Food at Mare Sol

Mare Sol is an impressive restaurant in the LaGrange area serving Mediterranean American cuisine in an informal and contemporary atmosphere.

There are 15 beer-making taps and an excellent selection of wines. A selection of vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegetarian meals are available.

There are numerous excellent dishes to choose from, try Greek Chicken, Hoagie shrimp & grit, and finish everything by making Butterfinger cheesecake.

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22- Eat Delectable Southern Comfort Food at Taste of Lemon

Taste of Lemon

Taste of Lemon is a charming restaurant located in an older, rustic church building offering tasty Southern comfort cuisine.

Restaurant food is served in meat-and-three style; the meal consists of two dishes and two side dishes.

The menu is full of fantastic dishes, including country-fried chicken, fried chicken, fried potatoes, croquet, and salads. You can enjoy the pineapple dish and the mac and yum.

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Are you ready for your next vacation with family and friends? For a fun and memorable vacation, plan your trip to LaGrange, Georgia.

LaGrange is a vibrant city that welcomes visitors to discover unique attractions, fun parks, delicious foods, and sweet wines. You will also find unique antiques, arts and crafts, music performances and exhibitions, theatres, restaurants, experiences, water fun activities, playgrounds, and many more. If you and your family and friends enjoyed exploring LaGrange with us, we would love to go back and explore more of the city with you!