Things to do in Woodbridge VA

23 fun things to do in Woodbridge VA

Are you looking to explore Woodbridge Virginia? I want to go there! Woodbridge Virginia has an estimated 55,000 residents and enjoys an enviable suburban feel. Woodbridge, Virginia is an isolated small town located within Prince William County which offers a perfect place for a traveller. The community gives outdoor lovers a chance to experience the great sights of this state park with a range of farms and restaurants and the outdoor recreation and the preserve have also been built. List some great activities, visit and discover 23 things to do in Woodbridge VA.


Things to do in Woodbridge Va

1- Have some quality leisure time at The Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center

Have some quality leisure time at The Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center

Stone Bridge in Potomac Town Centre has become one of the worlds best residential developments that blends high-end shopping with residential districts in Woodbridge.

It is well-known for its high quality open-air shopping mall, which includes famous brands like Carhartt, Black Market Wegmans and White House, Apple, Old Navy, DSW South Moon Under Sports Zone Elite and other retail stores.

In addition there is a wide choice of dining establishments available. Choose from Uncle Julios Fine Mexican food, Zoes Kitchen, Travinio Italian Kitchen, Wine Bar, Nandos PeriPeri, Starbucks Potbelly Sandwich shop, Firebirds Wood-Wave BBQ.

2- Get active at the Veterans Memorial Park

Get active at the Veterans Memorial Park

Veteran Memorial Park lies near Woodbridge’s famous Natural Areas – the Occasian Bay National Water Sanctuary and Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge.

Once you are completed navigating these outdoors activities, head directly to the Veterans Memorial Park filled with exciting sports.

As Woodbridge’s major recreational center, Veterans Memorial Park is host of a number of local sports events such as baseball, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, swimming and tennis.

This would make a great spot to exercise and stretch muscles when you visit Woodbridge.

3- Watch baseball at the Pfitzner Stadium

Watch baseball at the Pfitzner Stadium

The G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium, also known as Pfitzner Stadium, is a popular baseball venue in Woodbridge which opened in 1984.

It is named in homage to the late G. Richard Pfitzner, former president of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors. The stadium once hosted a baseball league known as Potomac Nationals. Unfortunately they moved to Fredericksburg in 2019.

The site remains however very active in arranging local ball leagues around Woodbridge. Though 6,000 baseball seats have no place anymore in the minor leagues, visitors can always enjoy the place.

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4- Hike along Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail Neabsco Creek Boardwalk

Hike along Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail Neabsco Creek Boardwalk

The National Historic Parks of Potomac Neabsco Creek Boardwalk gives visitors beautiful views of the wetlands and meadows on escalating boards.

The historic National Scenic Trail Neabsco Creek boardwalk offers a stunning view of Occoquan Bay and the surrounding wildlife.

The boardwalk has softer curves, which provide excellent views over these wetlands. This site is a wonderful spot where blackbirds, mallards and heron species have been seen in their native habitat.

In addition, you can see many other exotic creatures and reptiles around this location.

5- Visit Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Visit Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge

The Occoquan Bay Nature Refuge includes over 600 acres of protected forests, grassland and wetlands where native flora flourishes.

The sanctuary is nestled between the Potomac River and the Ocoquan River. Before becoming a wilderness refuge, it was a military test facility. But the site was ultimately acquired by the federal government and turned into a wildlife refuge today.

Visiting a natural attraction will give you an appreciation to nature teeming with local wildlife. You may also walk there or use an outdoor bicycle for the ride.

6- Reflect at Prince William County Liberty Memorial

On September 11, 2001 22 people died in Prince William counties. Though there are a huge memorial at Ground Zero in Newark, a memorial has also been created in Woodbridge called the Prince William County Liberty Memorial.

The stunning memorial honors Prince William County citizens who were victims of the notorious attack. The memorial stands between the James J. McCart administration buildings and the Princess William Parkway.

It has unique designs using four beams from the original building which collapsed during a terrorist attack.

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7- Find out interesting history at Rippon Lodge

Find out interesting history at Rippon Lodge

When visiting the oldest house in Prince William County, the lodge is located at the Ripon. The building was built in 1747 and is owned by the famous sailors Richard Blackburn, a former admiral from Woodbridge.

The building served as home for the Atkinson families a century back – before the descendants of the Blackburn – Wade Ellis – acquired the property.

The house is now being sold to the Prince of Wales in 2000 and the estate has undergone extensive renovations in order to restore its historic value.

8- Discover Julie Metz Neabsco Creek Wetlands Preserve

Woodbridge has been deemed to be the ultimate sanctuary for nature lovers. Your route could probably include many parks and wildlife. Please see Julie Metz, Neabsco Creek Wetland Conservation Area.

It has a unique natural landscape which varies from forested areas to marshlands. The preserve covers about 230 acres and provides paved walking trails for guests. The location is also ideal for birding.

Visit it helps you admire this magnificent landscape created from a stunning wetlands and forest.

9- Tickle Your Tastebuds with Indian Food at the Taste of Tandoor

Tickle Your Tastebuds with Indian Food at the Taste of Tandoori

Woodbridge is well known for its diversified culinary scene, which makes it the best food destination. Taste of Tandoor, a popular Indian restaurant serving authentic and traditional Indian food, is a hidden treasure in Woodbridge.

But who are going to expect to enjoy spicy Indian food? Taste of Tandoor provides you with 37 delicious meals prepared from Northern Indian cuisine.

They also make food in indoor and cylindrical ovens commonly used in Indian and Middle-Eastern countries.

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10- Wander at Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge

Wander at Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge

Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge is an attractive nature reserve in Woodbridge. The way out can be tricky.

The restricted entrance to the park allows visitors to reach the Wildlife Refuge by non-motorized boat on Neabsco Creek since the railroad cuts across this section.

Despite the challenges you faced entering this wildlife sanctuary, your journey was well worth it. As it is protected there will be many interesting bird species that roam around the place.

11- Breathe Fresh Air at Belmont Bay Harbor

Breathe Fresh Air at Belmont Bay Harbor

It’s perfectly situated at Occoquan Riverbank and offers great views over the water. Belmont Bay has a floating dock that serves about 100 boats and a marina which is a great place to visit.

A visit to the site gives you an opportunity to admire the scenic Ocoquan River, as well as watch boat passing.

You may also visit Harbormaster Building, view Belmont Harbor merchandise, buy interesting souvenirs or maybe book boat trips or travel on the Occoquen River.

12- Taste authentic Asian cuisine at Little Taipei

Taste authentic Asian cuisine at Little Taipei

This little restaurant nestled on Daniel Stuart Avenue is another hidden treasure of Woodbridge.

Little Taipei is known for serving authentic Taiwanese and Chinese cuisine. It is a tiny place whose cuisine is known on YelP as excellent Taiwanese and Chinese cuisine using fresh ingredients and authentic Asian ingredients.

The restaurant is known for a variety of tasty meat products, including sweet and sour pork and Ma Po tofu.

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13- Enjoy outdoor activities at Leeslyvania State Park

Enjoy outdoor activities at Leeslyvania State Park

Leesville Park is an oasis of adventure and outdoor recreation. All 500 acres are covered with campsites, trails & docks.

The park was once the home to Henry Lee II, the grandfather of the General Confederate Robert E. Lee. Leeslyvania state park is thought by many to be a former Indian community.

In the Civil War, the state park served as an army base in 1861 for the protection of incoming ships from the U.S. Navy.

14- Have a picnic at Rippon Landing Park

Have a picnic at Rippon Landing Park

15125 Blackburn Road, Woodbridge Virginia 22191 This park provides an ideal spot to enjoy an evening stroll on the grassy greenery.

There is trails for strolling off after dinner, either on the pavement or boardwalk, so the strollers are easily accessible.

There are many playground areas for children. Walk Neabsco boardwalk before eating!

15- Escape Room Woodbridge

Escape Room Woodbridge

20 Daniel Stuart Square in Woodbridge, Virginia 21901. A fun activity in which you and family are welcome is to find the clue to solve the puzzle.

Woodbridge has a fun room to solve puzzles. There’s a space available for four to eight people. Almost all the bedrooms have the same themes to make them suitable to your group like.

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16- Take a stroll on Neabsco Boardwalk

The Neabsco 3/4-mile Boardwalk offers access to beautiful wetlands and allows you to view wildlife such as the blueheron, wood duck and various types of birds.

This incredible Woodbridge property lets you escape traffic and people and return back to nature, all at home. Bring your dogs, bring your family and enjoy!

17- Visit an Indoor Playground

Visit an Indoor Playground

BeeHive Indoor playground is a three level indoor playground that offers lots more activities including cannon balls, bouncing cars, lunar bounces and more.

Be able to have your kid coming home. There are videogame rooms for younger kids who aren’t in the bounce house.

18- See a show at the Planetarium

The Irene V. Hylton Planetarium is also called the SKydome Planetarium.

They have an arc-shaped dome 30 feet high, which features star shows and the public can also see them on TV. This will give you the best views of a star or planet, or even a laser show.

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19- Play Laser Tag

Team tactical offers an even more sophisticated version of laser tag which is referred to as combat simulation.

It has urban themed arenas, seven realistic looking guns, and fifty-objective missions. Team Tactics will suit anyone 7 or above.

20- Shop at Potomac Mills Mall

Shop at Potomac Mills Mall

Potomac Mills, Woodbridge, Virginia 2192. You literally spend your entire day shopping at Potomac Mills.

There are apparently endless stores with plenty of food choices and some playgrounds for young children.

21- Enjoy painting (& a drink)

Enjoy painting (& a drink)

The Muse Paintbar is the ideal place to learn to paint. During family days, the family can enjoy an activity for everyone. You can get discounts with groupon at Muse PaintBar here.

Put your illustration and artistry talents to the trial at the Muse Paintbar. Also, carry your kids, friends, and colleagues to the Muse Paintbar to discover the art of painting, statue work, and creative and live drawings.

The Muse Paintbar hosts many workshops and conference classes for curious someones, especially those who want a hand skills.

They present scholarships to innovative college students and take them to paint matches around the city and outside Woodbridge.

Additionally, there is value for Groupon at the Muse Paintbar, and the innovative works of individuals can be identified in dealing with some recognition to the painter.

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22- See an Interactive Show

Enjoy a movie or show at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. The company also provides kids’ and sensory shows.

23- Northern Virginia Sailing School

Learn to voyage ships at the Northern Virginia Sailing School, which instructs curious individuals about ocean navigation.

It features a lovely experience for everyone, although there is a strict process before approval is granted to people to discover the skill.

You can also discover kayaking, boating, and other fun water activities for interested persons, especially adult-oriented ones, due to the nature of the site.

All learning and practical activities are done on the sea with safety personnel and staff; safety is guaranteed, so be free and calm while learning.

Additionally, guests can rent dinghies at a very affordable price, allowing about 30 square miles of the tour for newbies, while experts can go beyond.

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Start planning your trip to Woodbridge.

Woodbridge, Virginia, is a lovely city with many exciting activities to enjoy with your friends or family and many places to visit.

You can enjoy biking, hiking, shopping, and sightseeing at museums and historical centres. You can also check artwork and see beautiful lakes and other fun centres.

Start planning your trip to Woodbridge, Virginia.