20 fun and best Things to do in Crossville TN

What’s your favorite activity in Crossville, Tennessee? These cities have some fun attractions that give you a memorable vacation. Crossville is an exciting city in Tennessee. The town was constructed over Cumberland Plateau in the middle of the waters of the Obed River that traversed the canyon near Crossville and reached its junction with the Emory River. There are several small lakes on the outskirts of Crossville. List of the best and fun Things to do in Crossville, TN.


Things to do in Crossville TN

1- Enjoy the best of the Great Outdoors at Cumberland Mountain State Park


Enjoy the best of the Great Outdoors at Cumberland Mountain State Park

Cumberland Mountains State Park is a unique natural retreat that covers almost 602 acres. Its landscape is beautiful, and many refreshing and relaxing activities suit everyone. The area is famous for containing beautiful lakes ideal for swimming or fishing.

The lakes are also available for other water activities, such as paddle-boarding boats and kayaks and feeding fish and ducks. Besides the park, there is also an 18-hole golf course, an attractive bridge, and numerous picnics.

With a rich landscaped garden with beautiful views, Cumberland Mountain State Park offers a perfect place to relax from the bustling city hustles of life.

24 Office Drive, Crossville, TN 38555

Enjoy a picnic at Cumberland Mountain State Park.

The peaceful, relaxing place makes it ideal for enjoying the natural beauty and tranquillity. Cumberland Mountain State Park contains 696 – 1 700 acres and offers numerous unique activities.

The park has one of its finest lakes where one can go swimming, fishing, or enjoy relaxing water activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, or boating.

A beautiful golf course is also located within the park. The place offers excellent relaxing and refreshing experiences.

2- Shop for excellent vintage items at Antique Village Mall


Shop for excellent vintage items at Antique Village Mall

The Antique Village Mall is ideal for shopping enthusiasts to find the most unique and beautiful souvenirs.

It was enjoyable when I visited this shopping mall where everyone sells anything they want. In addition to your usual stores, shops sell antiques and souvenirs. The Mall contains a wide variety of unique and creative items.

The price is pretty high for most things in the store. The store offers both souvenirs and gifts. The people are charming and will be sure to help you pick out a good product for the purchase.

100 Antique Village Dr, Crossville, TN 38571-3231

3- Catch a play at Cumberland County Playhouse


Catch a play at Cumberland County Playhouse

Cumberland Country Playhouse is a fantastic stage playhouse within the Centre of this small rural town.

The Theatre is one of the top-performing entertainment centers in the city, hosting numerous entertaining performances every week and many other cultural events.

Play House offers renowned local actors performing musical performances of well-known plays or even original works. It’s an ideal place to visit to entertain music fans.

You may have seen it before and seen an enjoyable comical performance right here in this cozy theatre environment.

Cumberland County Playhouse is a theatre that offers theatre arts and entertaining performances. It has a large stage and is a famous place in the city to entertain visitors. Cumberland County Playhouse regularly presents several plays.

Most events and performances focus on local talent.

The musicians perform original pieces and personal music interpretations. In addition to regular routines, Cumberland County playhouse also organizes comedy events to achieve a balanced balance between extreme artistic values and the arts.

221 Tennessee Ave, Crossville, TN 38555-5716

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4- Hike the Black Mountain/Brady Mountain Trailhead

Follow this fun trail through black mountain greens and lush greenery. The Black Mountain/Brady mountain trail is a 12km (7.5-mi) trail that runs through the mountains towards a fantastic viewpoint at its peak.

This trail is not often crowded and provides a unique experience because it has natural properties that are easily accessible during the year.

An excellent destination for hikes, hiking trails, or walks where you can get out of your shoes to conquer this fantastic trail. On the trails, dogs may have their leashes attached to them.

5- Look Back on Crossville’s History at Homesteads Tower Museum


Look Back on Crossville's History at Homesteads Tower Museum

Homestead Tower Museum is a famous museum that gives guests the best view of the surroundings. The visitor’s experience will be unforgettable.

The store also features gift shops. The Museum’s perfect display of artifacts, document pictures, and exhibits explain the life of Crossville. Homestead Tower Museum fuses educational learning information with an exciting environment for all visitors.

Climbing the 197 steps in the Museum will probably make the most of the experience you’ll ever experience.

96 Highway 68, Crossville, TN 38555-2804

Take a trip to the past at Homesteads Tower Museum.

Cumberland Homestead Tower is an impressive museum and gift shop with a great view of the surrounding landscapes.

It displays artifacts and photography from the Crossville period in the 1930s and 1940s. Visit this impressive Museum for the rich heritage of this tiny town to discover its history.

You can’t miss taking 197 steps to climb the tower and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

6- Local attractions Near Crossville / I-40 KOA Holidays

The family can enjoy outdoor fun in Crossville. This town is Tennessee’s largest golf destination.

Crossville/I-40 KOA Holidays is an excellent place to camp and is less than one hour from Tennessee and 1.5 hours from Nashville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg.

Crossville, Tennessee, offers several activities to enjoy, from exploring Cumberland Mountain State Park and Ozone Falls to wandering downtown and around historic districts. You have several choices to enjoy the outdoors and relax after exploring the local region.

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7- Go on a scenic walk or bike ride at the Obed River Park

It is situated on the edge of the Obed River. The town is known for its first-grade arboretum with several trees.

These park features have sweeping views and a breezy atmosphere with rivers flowing and cold weather. There are paths to walk or ride bicycles through paved trails.

Obed River Park offers little to no activity like swimming or fishing but is a beautiful place for an evening picnic or casual trips. During your visit, you’ll get to know the city’s culture and traditions.

Take a scenic stroll through Obed River Park

The beautiful Obed River Park sits adjacent to the river’s paved path. This river park has an Arboretum of Class I that contains many native trees.

You will find the serene atmosphere and beautiful scenery with spectacular views of the flowing waters during your visit to this magnificent park.

You may decide to relax and go for a relaxing walk along paved rivers and trails. There are several great picnic sites nearby.

8- Enjoy Various Outdoor Activities at Garrison Park

Garrison Park has a beautiful way for families to get together. The park offers a variety of recreational activities, including swimming, fishing, and walking.

This is a place for fun for children of all ages. The parks offer many outdoor activities, including swimming, biking, and fishing.

Adults can also enjoy many other picnic tables, barbecue areas & several playgrounds for children. Your children can enjoy different options, such as rope climbing rope and hammocks.

9- Go boating and explore the walking trails at Meadow Park Lake


Meadow Park Lake

Meadowpark Lake is one of the city’s most famous spots to go fishing, boating, and camping. Over 220 acres of land are covered in a tranquil environment that provides an enjoyable atmosphere.

The lake in the park also offers rental services to enjoy a good visit. The park provides a variety of picnic areas throughout the park.

In addition to lakes, the gardens also provide picturesque natural trails that offer walking and cycling. A perfect spot for relaxing.

1437 City Lake Rd, Crossville, TN 38572-8600

Go fishing at Crossville Meadow Park Lake.

Crossville Meadows Lake offers many recreational opportunities. Located on the city’s lake, you can enjoy varying water activities like boating.

The lake has a boat launch/dock rental service and several picnic spots to enjoy the views. You can stay on land to hike along the trails around the lake.

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10- Take in the Sun at Lake Tansi Beach

Lake Tansi is an idyllic vacation spot where you can unwind at the stunning sandy shoreline. There’s nothing more pleasant than spending the day on white beaches and azure lakes.

The hotel offers swimming, windsurfing, and sunbathing.

Many restaurants or pubs on the beaches are good places to eat. Like most private lakeside swimming spots, these beaches are clean but are not stony places. You must also be a Member or hold a visitor’s card for access.

11- Admire model trains at Crossville Model Railroad Club

The Crossville Model Train Club is an interactive model train exhibit downtown and the largest model train museum in the country.

The site measures a total of 438 sq. m (4500 sq ft) and presents the history of railroads in the nation in quaint miniature.

These models offer great views, complete with miniature scenic landscaped towns and station trains. The railroad club also provides an exhibition centre displaying railroad memories and a stunning layout.

Learn about the city’s railway history at the Crossville Model Railroad Club

Crossville Model Railway Club is an open tourist attraction within city limits. The club has miniature models describing train and station stations in their respective settings and state-of-the-art rail stations. This place spans 438m2.

The club also has an exhibition centre where major exhibits depicting the state railways’ history are shown.

12- Go back in time to the Military Memorial Museum


Go back in time to the Military Memorial Museum

The Museum’s Military Memorials are an area of interest for those interested in military or defense service.

The Museum contains extensive collections that represent soldiers’ courage and determination. The Museum also honors these troops in its exhibition programs.

There are various military objects and photos of camps of old war prisoners. The Military Monument Museum is an important historical site, and it will surely bring you great pride and excitement.

20 S Main St, Crossville, TN 38555-4518

View military artifacts at the Military Memorial Museum

For military enthusiasts, there’s no excuse not to leave the Museum.

Explore the objects and see how brave the old military personnel were and the honor they were displaying. Look at the various items of the world war, and some from prisoners’ camps.

A place that is filled with history and memories, a visit to this Museum is something that will be fun while you’re here.

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13- Enjoy some of the best meals in Crossville at Homestead Harvest Restaurant


Homestead Harvest Restaurant

It is located in Cumberland Mountain State Park. This is the place we recommend if you get tired of the city. The restaurant has the very most delicious food in Crossville.

The restaurant is situated on Lake Byrd. It offers beautiful landscapes as well as delicious meals.

Diners can choose between buffet and a la carte menus at Homestead Farm restaurants. The menu at the restaurant varies by season, but only good Southern foods are available there.

14- Shop till you drop at Crossville Outlet Center


Shop till you drop at Crossville Outlet Center

Crossville offers shopping opportunities. Crossville Outlet Center also serves as another destination in the city that can provide you with various shopping choices. Outlet Center has a lovely interior. It contains dozens of stores for you.

The place has everything you need. Alongside the shops, the Centre offers children several activities. The Mall also provides rentals, and halls are available for hosting wedding parties, meetings, and more.

228 Interstate Dr, Crossville, TN 38555-5432

15- Practice Your Swing at the Driving Range at the Lake Tansi Golf Course

Lake Tansi Golf Course is one of Tennessee’s most extensive golf courses. The Golf Resort has received numerous awards for its landscape and facilities.

You can’t learn golf without visiting the Golf Course, the Golf Club, or the Golf Course.

Enjoy a few hours of fun at our pro shops or driving range on this famous green golf course with lush green grounds.

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16- Learn about the Art and History of the Area at the Art Circle Public Library


Art Circle Public Library

Explore the art circles’ public libraries. This place is perfect for exploring history. You won’t find it boring to visit libraries due to the variety of exhibitions and the often changing collections. Your favorite artwork is also available online for viewing in the gallery. The Art Circle Public Library is accessible every day.

3 East St, Crossville, TN 38555-4557

17- Rocking Horse Antique Gallery

Have you been looking for a new place to buy furniture, house items, and other items? If so, Rocking Horse Antique Gallery is one of the best places you should visit!

Rocking Horse is a delicately curated space that houses various delicate items such as paintings, statues, vintage family home decòr, pottery, ceramics, and much more.

The Rocking Horse Antique Gallery has antique and vintage items for sale that have been neatly organized into a layout of different departments. The team working here is helpful and friendly, making it worth your visit.

Rocking Horse Antique Gallery opens every Monday through Saturday from 9 am to five pm, and they are open from noon to five pm on Sunday.

353 Chestnut Hill Rd, Crossville, TN 38555-1412

18- Cumberland County Community Complex

The Cumberland County Community Complex has a wide range of activities throughout the year that anyone in the community can enjoy. Popular events include outdoor hiking and fishing, as well as seasonal indoor events such as movie nights and potlucks.

Enter the building of your choice and enjoy the experience!

The events that are organized in the County Community Complex range from the gun and knife shows and auctions to music, carnivals, tractor pulls, and more.

Spend some time with your friends at the Cumberland County Community Complex where you can enjoy a variety of fun and exciting performances and shows.

The CumberWorld Complex is open every weekday from 9 AM to 5 PM.

1398 Livingston Rd, Crossville, TN 38571-5123

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19- The Mural

The Mural is bringing some beautiful and fun things to the world of art.

The mural is very attractive and catches people’s attention. It also inspires them to spend time admiring the creativity put into it, which is likely making you quite popular.

The charming street-side Mural is located in downtown West Crossville Tennessee.

Crossville Mural is a great part of the community. You can visit it and see beautiful views from its perch in Crossville.

Crossville is one of the most creative communities in Tennessee. There are lots of places you should definitely visit, especially if you love art! This makes the list of fun things to do in Crossville highly recommended!

23 W Fifth St West 5th Street and Main Street, Crossville, TN 38555-4455

20- Cumberland Trail

The Cumberland Trail is Tennessee’s first linear park cutting through eleven Tennessee counties. It was renamed in 2002 for Justin P. Wilson, who helped make the vision of the Cumberland Trail a reality.

The Cumberland Trail is a beautiful nature trail that connects different communities and experiences. There are multiple hiking, biking, and horseback riding adventures along the trail for the whole family to enjoy.

The Cumberland Trail works with volunteers, conservation groups, and local businesses to improve the walking paths with your support!

Cumberland Trails helps to promote recreational and educational opportunities by ensuring the system of trails remains intact. The trails help to preserve the intrinsic value of the areas, natural resources, and beauty – which could all be at risk if it weren’t for them.

This is a popular trail, each with its own visitors. Those visiting can enjoy different parts of the park and its activities.

The town of Crossville in Tennessee is a great place to visit and is a perfect addition to your bucket list. It’s just an hour-and-a-half’s drive south.

409 Thurman Ave Suite 102, Crossville, TN 38555-4560

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What is Crossville, TN, known for?

Crossville, TN, is a 50-minute walk from Falls Falls State Park. The city was named the “Golf Capital of Tennessee” and houses bear trails in Cumberland Mountain State Park.

What major city is near Crossville, TN?

Crossville is approximately 35 km east of Cookeville and 90 km north of Chattanooga.

Does Crossville, TN, have mountains?

Cumberland Mountains State Park at Crossville, Tennessee. Tennessee Vacations.

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Plan your trip to Crossville

You are guaranteed lots of new experiences during your trip to Crossville, Tennessee. It is a great place for tourists since it is beautiful and filled with fun activities for everyone.

Crossville, TN offers many educational, informative, engaging, and entertaining activities and events – everything you might want to do in order to enjoy the holiday.

From its 23 unique places listed with their locations to help guide you — a vibrant city that has much to offer will take your holiday fun up a notch.

There are museums, artifacts, malls, parks, excellent trails, playgrounds, art galleries, paintings, antiques, and many more exciting things to do and places to visit in Crossville.

Spend some time & enjoy a fantastic holiday in Crossville, TN, with your loved ones and friends.