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23 Best and Fun Things to do in San Angelo


What are the most interesting things to do in San Angelo? You are here! San Angelo is situated near the river Concho. A paradise for east Texas. San Antonio is a famous military town founded in 1850 and today 900000 inhabitants reside in it.

San Angelo has many things for visitors as well as local residents. We will give you all the information you need to get started with historical research and gain your own experience. All the days and nights.


Things to do in San Angelo

Here are the 23 best things to do in San Angelo:

1- Railway Museum of San Angelo

Railway Museum of San Angelo

Like many Austin cities, railroads have changed lives for San Angelo over the past century, and the Santa Fe Depot remains a place for visitors and local residents.

The Railway Museum of San Antonio is located in the Depot where you may view preserved artifacts gathered from when the railroad was operating.

The Museum offers limited opening hours and a good time for a visit is on a Saturday when live history tours can be conducted.

Even when the museum is closed, you can wander through the exterior of the historic depot and see the trains that line the Santa Fe Line. Address: 604 South Chadbourne, San Angelo, Texas. Map.

Look around the Railway Museum of San Angelo

It is the most detailed museum on Chadbourne Street.

If you love trails you know these items are going to amaze you. In 1910, this museum served as a passenger station.

All memorabilia was preserved and kept for tourists. It contains trains that date back to the 1850s, several model layouts, and thousands of historical photographs. In addition, the museum holds seven miniature train engines.

2- San Angelo Nature Center

San Angelo Nature Center

The San Angelo Naturparks and Recreation Area are small facilities on Lake Nasworthy which are worth visiting when you’re looking for local fauna. This facility contains species of wildlife indigenous to the Southwest, such as snakes, spiders, and lizards.

Take a tour and talk with a naturalist about regional wildlife, habitat, and food practices. After visiting the nature area, you might stroll to Marylee Park or Spring Creek Park nearby for some outdoor relaxation by the lake.

The museum has restricted hours so plan ahead so they can fit in at 7309 Knickerbockers Road San Angelo.

Meet the animals at the San Angelo Nature Center

The fauna in Texas is widely known and San Angelo makes no exception. The Nature Center has its located on Knickerbocker Street as well as serving as a wildlife sanctuary.

The building offers seating areas and an outdoor playground.

The major interest of the museum is the large animal population that is kept in the sanctuary, which includes macaws, various reptile species and endless serpents, chameleons and rodents, and also turtles and tortoises.

Not only can you see exactly where you wish and pet some of it too! Bring them into the forest center for fun days.

3- Drink to your heart’s content at SoCo Taphouse and Brew Company

When traveling through so much of the world you should certainly have time for a relaxing vacation.

Get a drink at SoCo taphouses and brewery which is aiming to be the top brewery in San Angelo. They have a wide selection of beverages that mainly concentrate on beer and it has become famous for a great deal.

A bonus point for its comforting atmosphere. The owners and staff are the friendliest people in the world and offer detailed tours of the Tap House.

The seating arrangement allows the guests to connect with locals who often come to visit to have fun with travelers by drinking beer.

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4- Take a trip to the Notorious Miss Hattie’s Bordello Museum

Miss Hattie's Bordello Museum

Miss Hattie’s Bordello Museum is an arguably popular tourist attraction in San Angelo. The hotel is located on Concho Avenue but children under 16 are prohibited from entering the facility for safety reasons.

Visit museums and be pleasantly surprised by a comprehensive history of how the places worked and learn something about Miss Hattie.

The cards, bottles of bottled liquor, chairs, costumed rooms, souvenirs, couches & other props were preserved in their original state.

The old bordello was operating in Texas from 1902 to 1951 when the Rangers closed the operation.

Miss Hattie’s Bordello Museum

One of the small and hidden museums in downtown San Angelo is Miss Hattie’s Bordello Museum.

The private bordello served in San Miguel and became renowned among Texas residents during the last 50-year history of San Angelo.

5- Chicken Farm Art Center

Chicken Farm Art Center

A truly unique place in San Angelo is the Chicken Farm Art Center. It has remained an important part of the art scene since 1972.

This is an old Chicken Farm that was transformed in creative ways into a studio for an artist residency and a restaurant.

The old chicken building is filled with nearly two dozen artists whose art and crafts include sculptures, woolly textiles, and pottery.

It was whimsical and welcoming. A good day for visits is during the social parties held every Saturday of each month when the galleries are open till late and music entertain visitors.

Visit the most unique chicken farm art center

It is situated at Martin Luther King Boulevard.

Chicken Farm Art Center has a unique and distinctive atmosphere and is an incredible art museum to visit.

It’s essentially San Angelo’s center for art and culture in its own right. It was established in 1971 and aims to promote some of West Texas’ best artists and art.

This place also has a B&B and hosts numerous arts and musical events during the season. It contains over fifteen studio artists.

6- Tule Princess Steamboat Cruise

Tule Princess Steamboat Cruise

Located at Spring Creek Park, the Tule Princess steamboat takes visitors on an hourly excursion to Lake Nasworthy.

The Tule Princess steamboat is known because this was the most famous floating steamboat ever built. Spring Creek Park offers a free weekend before or after your boat trip to the lakes. Camping can be found by RV or fishing.

Various outdoor areas can provide hiking or kayaking opportunities. Kayak rentals and bicycle rentals can be booked on Lake.

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7- Historical Murals of San Angelo and Paintbrush Alley

Historical Murals of San Angelo and Paintbrush Alley

San Angelo is well known for its large collection of graffiti around town depicting elements of its history, while others highlight the commitment of San Angelo to modernity.

The art gallery in paintbrush Alley offers a variety of interesting places for people to visit.

The best place for mural exploration is the intersection between Avenue C and South Chadbourne Street where you will see Stagecoach, the city’s first mural.

It depicts the beginnings of public transit within the Concho Valley from 1840 – 1930 when wagon trains and stage cars were used.

8- San Angelo Visitor Center and River Walk

San Angelo Visitor Center and River Walk

A great way to visit San Angelo can be by walking the Riverwalk with its trails that cross the Concho River and connecting parks, gardens, and landmarks.

You may stop and observe a piece of public art on display, sit on one of the park benches or view local fishermen fishing.

This 4-kilometer-long trail includes bridges that link the north and south banks. One of the best is Celebration Bridge, located near the museum of the arts and the river-front amphitheater in the center.

There are also many outdoor concert venues and events that take place there.

Visit the Breathtaking San Angelo Visitor Center

San Angelo Visitors Center is an exceptionally designed building that resembles a historic museum.

Its visitors center lies on the riverbanks near the famed Concho River Walk. Here we find tiny birds and frogs.

There’s another large waterfall with rocky sculptures that will definitely grab your eye. Its visitors can also see numerous artworks adding to its worth.

Besides, it’s a manmade stream that will surely impress you. Inside there is a guide that tells about San Angelo’s history and culture.

San Angelo Visitor Center

The Visitor Center in San Angelo was built in 2014 and is a tourist information center, as well as a beautiful structure.

The serpentine walls are surrounded by more than 300 tons of specially blended sandstone.

9- Enjoy a scenic stroll along the Concho River Walk

A popular walk in San Angelo, Colorado River Walks are located near Veteran Memorials. It has a wide choice of activities for all ages.

The children’s kindergarten has an enormous playground that they can enjoy. Senior citizens can enjoy a relaxing stroll along river benches and look at the beautiful landscape.

Besides going walking and cycling, the children can go fishing on the banks. The whole area consists of a lush lawn and a canopy of trees surrounded by the river.

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10- San Angelo State Park

San Angelo State Park

Plan on spending a day in San Angelo State Park where not only do you enjoy outdoor activities, but you can learn about the longhorns and bison that make up this unique area.

A day fee will be needed to enter the park, however, you may have to spend more time here. The park offers a 55-mile walkable trail and various campgrounds.

Recreation such as boating and fishing at O.C. Fisher Reservoir can be enjoyed through state parks.

One of the best sights for visitors to the park is the Cougar Overlook, a beautiful overlook over the North Concho River.

Spend some quality time at San Angelo State Park

True adventures require the exploration of nature’s solitude and beauty. San Angelo state parks are different from most restricted parks.

Visit this park and be lost in this serene wonder. There are endless fields that mix into Pink Horizons and mustard yellow sunflower fields in bloom.

Moreover, the wildlife will help with the fun. Take part in free activities – whether you are jogging and cycling or running /camping/hiking. It has plenty of camping and picnic spots that promise an amazing experience.

11- San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts

San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts

The San Angelo Gallery and Art Centre is a stunning architectural building in the town.

The massive arching shape resembles an enclosed wagon or horse seat but was designed for curiosity and creativity which can be seen virtually anywhere.

The exhibitions at the museums cover a vast selection of artists’ skills such as Spanish art, American glass, Texas art, and ceramics, among others.

Several hundred artifacts are exhibited throughout the museum. A series of temporary displays vary each year and feature diverse artists and genres.

Take a walk through the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts

The precious San Angelo Art Museum is situated on Love Street. It looks huge and significant but is also worthy of a royal appearance.

The museum houses valuable objects ranging from local folk artwork to ethnic representations to custom uniforms.

The royal collection is preserved with a beauty you will never forget acclaimed works from the field of ceramics are displayed.

The museum holds diverse exhibitions during its calendar year. It is also used to provide live concerts.

12- Check out the beautiful and historic murals of the city

Aside from systematically organized galleries, San Angelo’s unrestrained artistic personality can be seen in the breathtaking murals scattered throughout the area.

They depict a large part of San Angelo’s history. It also describes the way the lifestyle of the residents of San Angelo changed through time.

The murals feature Texas history and speak Texas’s story. This has augmented the cultural value of the city and made it artier.

This beautiful mosaic shows cavalry, war stories, and air base activities painted.

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13- Fort Concho National Historic Site

Fort Concho National Historic Landmark

Fort Concho National Historic Site is an excellent attraction to visit in San Angelo. The Fort is located central to Texas forts stretching from northeast Texas borders to El Paso.

The structure was constructed in 1867 to protect the West Texas Region. Forts were erected with limestone in the surrounding area.

Its 1600 acres are composed of barracks, officers’ quarters, a hospital stable, a chapel, and an elementary schoolhouse. It was the home of buffalo soldiers and over 450 infantry and cavalry troops.

Fort Concho Museum

630 Oakes St. The Fort Concho Museum is located near San Angelo, Texas 75103.

It is the largest museum of American Military History. It has been deemed a National Heritage Area in 1961 and is surrounded by 40-acre parkland.

14- The International Waterlily Collection

The International Waterlily Collection

The International Waterlily Collections are located inside Civic League Park in the center of San Angelo.

The park has many water-lily basins. The park features an amazing brick walkway through varying landscape levels leading through the water basin. It features dozens of Lillies, from Pinknova, Wanvisa, and Choco Nexus.

As you go through the park, you will discover the man behind the collection – Ken Landon. Each year Landon only displays his collection so new styles can always be seen.

Treat Your Senses at the International Waterlily Collection

The International Waterlily & Water Gardening Society rated San Angelo’s breathtaking International Waterlily collection as the world’s finest collection.

When entering this place the garden is reminiscent of a Shakespearean Eden or mythological cornucopia. Ken Garden is known for creating this literary empire.

The International Waterlilies Collection can be found on Park Street. Stop by this gem in Texas to visit countless lakes featuring a beautiful variety of lilies with varying names.

International Waterlily Collection

1st Park St. San Angelo TX 76101 – 822-273-2333. Find International Waterlily Collection within Civic League Park. It’s a very unique collection of water flora and fauna.

15- Catch a World-Class Performance at Be Theatre

A trip to San Angelo will not end without seeing the best shows. The city boasts dazzling theatres like the Be Theatre that you should add to your itinerary.

The theatre is located on Gillis Street and offers an extensive list of shows. It is very affordable, and the performance quality is comparable to the national standard.

Classics, romances, dramas, comedy, dramas, music, monologues, cabarets, events, etc. In addition, Be theatre provides interesting improv activities.

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16- Learn about the Intriguing Fort Concho

Fort Concho is a prestigious site in Texas that offers many things for everyone.

The grounds comprise the cavalry which was created just before the Civil War. It is on Oak Avenue. The famed Buffalo soldiers were here.

Some items of value exist including canons, used machinery, etc. The best part is that historical scenes are thoroughly acted out by actors.

All shows include riding on horseback, arms armed, and everyday acts. These special sites deserve an inspection.

17- Taste Scrumptious Mexican Food at Franco’s Cafe

Taste Scrumptious Mexican Food at Franco's Cafe

Francos serves some of the finest Mexican food in San Angelo, you definitely need to take a visit.

The building may appear simple on its own inside, but if you’re inside you can prepare yourself for a special meal.

Try the tacos and the fajitas, and you will understand what heaven’s taste is like. There are also steak and soup options if you want a fuller dinner.

The restaurant offers breakfast every day which is great for anyone looking for something unique.

18- Pop Art Museum

Pop Art Museum

An exceptional example of San Angelo’s art was found at the Popart Museum downtown.

This open-air museum lies inside an old bowls hall. Visit the museum for an independent tour to see 31 artworks displayed at this museum.

Keep looking for Instagram-worthy photos of the alley. The QR code is located beside each piece of art and tells the biography about the artist and their inspiration.

19- Eat as many burgers as you can at Twisted Root Burger Company

Eat as many burgers as you can at Twisted Root Burger Company

If you head to San Angelos Historic Downtown you have to make time to see Twisted Root Burger.

The building was built in 1954 and is an upscale burger place that gives you the finest dining experience.

The restaurant isn’t known for traditional flavors, but it loves to stand apart and give you an unusual burger that you didn’t find here before.

They make their toppings at home and can ensure that it is made in a very special way.

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20- Go for a Visit to Goodfellow Air Force Base

Go for a Visit to Goodfellow Air Force Base

Goodfellow airbase is situated in the area of Kearney Boulevard. Despite its smaller nature, it is still worth visiting.

These military bases represent significant historical importance in Texas. There are also famous exchanges here.

A firefighter education school in Texas is also available in the area. It’s fun to see these rescuers. There is also an entertainment and event facility at this location. Carrying an ID is important.

21- Take a Trip to the Serene Lake Nasworthy

Take a Trip to the Serene Lake Nasworthy

Lake Nasworthy is a quiet retreat located between the mountains of San Angelo.

The lakes are named after John Nasworthy the Texas politician and provide water for the city and nearby areas.

Of the many activities the visitors enjoy here, diving in the beautiful ocean is their favorite.

Another activity that’s possible in this area is fishing and playing water sports. There is a possibility for picnic and cooking or camping.

22- Go to the Grill and sample their specialties

It’s a popular dining place located on Sherwood Way in 5769.

The restaurant combines a varied meal with the finest wines for the complete satisfaction of all our guests.

Take a moment to sample their specialty dishes, including rotisserie chicken Baja fish tacos, and baby back ribs.

The restaurant has a large selection of sandwiches for those looking for a quick bite. And of course, do you enjoy your desserts?

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23- Sample the Ale of Zero One Alehouse

Here is another local treat: the Zero One Alehouse at 20 West Beaugard.

Their beer is bred by themselves so there are no similar beers in the vicinity of them.

It is possible to have 3 to six varieties at once. Try their house specialties too for complete immersion and enjoyment.


Other Things to do in San Angelo

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San Angelo is a city of total tranquility for travelers. However, if you’re looking for some excitement to fill your days then this could be the place for you.

The biggest problem in planning a getaway there is having too many things to do and too many places to see.

If it is this spectacular and unique, then there is no reason why it cannot be transformed into another world of fantastic places to go.

Let’s live our lives to the fullest and try out as many things as we can.

Looking for things to do in San Angelo? Check out our list of 14 fun and best things to do in San Angelo in 24 hours or less!