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Top 15 Chinese Buffets in Las Vegas You’ll Love

If you’re a fan of Chinese food, then you’ll definitely want to check out these top Chinese buffets in Las Vegas. From all-you-can-eat seafood to Dim Sum, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So if you’re looking for a great place to eat, be sure to check out these amazing buffets.


Top Best Chinese Buffets in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for the best Asian buffet in Las Vegas, look no further than Buffet Asia. With all-you-can-eat Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cuisine, there’s something for everyone at Buffet Asia. And with a convenient location on the Strip, it’s easy to get to and from Buffet Asia. So come on down and enjoy the best Asian food Las Vegas has to offer!

Krazy buffet, Chinese buffets

krazy buffet food

If you’re looking for an all-you-can-eat buffet that won’t break the bank, Krazy Buffet is a great option. With locations all over Las Vegas, there’s sure to be a Krazy Buffet near you. And with a menu that features a little something for everyone, you’re sure to find something you’ll love.

Orchids Garden, Chinese buffets

orchids garden

This busy Chinese restaurant off the Strip is one of Vegas’s top dim sum destinations. The carts rove through the dining room all day long, offering up a variety of delicious dishes. At dinner, crab claw and roasted duck ($9.28 each) are the most expensive items on the menu.

Wazuzu, Chinese buffets

Wazuzu, Chinese buffets

In a shimmering space that features a 27-foot dragon made of 90,000 individual crystals, chef Jimmy Widjaja creates his own unique spin on Chinese and other Asian flavors. The restaurant’s drunken noodles were featured on the Food Network’s Best Thing I Ever Ate, while dim sum like shumai, har gow, steamed barbecue pork buns; a Cantonese barbecue plate with roasted duck, and red spare ribs; and more make for a varied menu.

Imperial Sushi & Seafood Buffet, Chinese buffets

Imperial Sushi & Seafood Buffet

Looking for a delicious seafood buffet in town? Look no further than Imperial Sushi & Seafood Buffet! This buffet restaurant offers a wide variety of sushi, seafood, and other Japanese cuisines at an affordable price. Be sure to try their famous Makino sushi while you’re there!

Wing Lei, Chinese buffets

Wing Lei, Chinese food

The first Michelin star ever awarded to a Chinese restaurant in the U.S. goes to Wing Lei, and it’s no surprise. The restaurant features crispy-skin Imperial Peking duck carved tableside in a beautiful golden-hued dining room, complete with a couple of 100-year-old pomegranate trees. Chef Ming Yu also serves up truffle soup dumplings, wok-fried Maine lobster, and a Peking duck tasting with the delicacy served six ways. For a more casual option, check out Wynn’s Red 8 for Cantonese noodle dishes, dim sum, and Hong Kong-style barbecue. All of this is served in a dining room decked out in rich reds, just off the casino floor.

Yummy Rice, Chinese buffets

The sticky “glutinous rice” dishes served in clay pots at Yummy Rice in Shanghai Plaza are a delicious Cantonese-style specialty unique to Las Vegas. Diners can choose from a variety of flavorful options, including Chinese sausage, chicken and mushroom, beef and eggs, “vegetarian,” or minced pork and eggs.

Wing Lei, Chinese buffets

If you’re looking for an amazing Chinese dining experience in a luxurious setting, Wynn’s Wing Lei is the place to go.

The dishes at this restaurant are inspired by the cuisines of Beijing, Shanghai, and Sichuan. Highlights include the Imperial Peking Duck, which is carved at your table, and the Peppercorn Chili Prawns. The Pan-Seared Pot Stickers are also worth trying.

You can expect an unparalleled dining experience at this restaurant, which is the first Chinese restaurant in North America to receive a Michelin star.

Din Tai Fung, Chinese buffets

Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung, a world-renowned international chain originally from Taiwan, has recently opened its first branch in Las Vegas at the ARIA Resort & Casino.

It’s dumplings and noodle dishes are legendary, but if you can only eat one thing, make it the Shanghai-style xiao long bao. These delicious steamed dumplings are filled with korubata pork and a savory broth that oozes out with each bite, making for an unforgettable culinary experience.

This restaurant’s menu is the perfect way to enjoy an authentic dumpling experience. In addition to a variety of dumplings, you can also enjoy korubata pork buns, pork chop fried rice, black pepper beef tenderloin, braised beef noodle soup, and much more.

If you don’t want to risk missing out, this in-demand restaurant now offers mobile takeout, and reservations are highly recommended for walk-ins.

Ping Pang Pong, Chinese buffets

Ping Pang Pong

Award-winning Chinese restaurant Ping Pang Pong is a Vegas favorite that serves a range of classics from all parts of China – You’ll find plenty of authentic Chinese recipes, as well as other dishes that have been adapted for Western palates. Whether you’re looking for a traditional dish or something with a twist, you’re sure to find something to your taste.

If you’re in the mood for some delicious Chinese cuisine, be sure to try the West Lake Beef Soup, named after the famous lake in Hangzhou. Other classics like Mapo Doufu, a spicy tofu dish, and Mongolian Beef are also definitely worth trying! The lamb stew hot pot is a delicious and hearty choice, as is the double braised sea bass hot pot.

The restaurant also has a display of live seafood, with Maine lobster, Dungeness crab, and live eels, so there’s no doubting the freshness of everything that’s served.

China Mama, Chinese buffets

China Mama

This charming Chinese restaurant is family-owned and serves both Americanized and traditional Chinese dishes. The restaurant’s signature dish is the juicy pork buns, steamed and stuffed with pork and broth. The intimate setting is perfect for enjoying a delicious meal with family and friends.

Big Wong Restaurant, Chinese buffets

Big Wong Restaurant

You’ll find this affordable Chinese haven in the same strip mall as Monta noodle house, Raku Japanese grill, and Kabuto sushi. Hot and pepper chicken, tangles of Chinese noodles, and poached chicken and beef are just some of the delicious menu items on offer, most of which are priced at $5 or less.

Dagu Rice Noodle, Chinese buffets

Dagu Rice Noodle

Dagu Rice Noodle opened its first U.S. location at Shanghai Plaza in 2019, bringing the taste of China to American shores with its menu of specialty soups, fried chicken cutlets, marinated beef shank, and sliced ox tendon in Sichuan chili sauce. Diners can choose between a variety of options including boiling rice noodle soup served in a stone bowl, prepared with a choice of proteins including shrimp, satay beef stew, and shredded chicken, or the Crossing the Bridge option, with ingredients provided separately for customers to drop, mix, and dip into their meals.

Red 8, Chinese buffets

Red 8 Chinese buffet Restaurant

The Wynn Hotel is home to three exceptional Chinese restaurants, all of which made it onto our list. Red 8 is the second of these restaurants, and it is a little less formal than Wing Lei. However, you can still expect to be served high-quality Chinese food in tastefully decorated surroundings.

You’ll find an extensive range of dim sum delights on the menu, as well as dishes like Kung Pao Prawns, Sweet & Sour Pork or Chicken – and the innocuously-named Sichuan Boiled Beef, strips of beef served in a fiery oily broth laced with chili and numbing Sichuan peppercorns.

The menu also has a separate Macau Noodle section, as well as a range of specialty Chinese teas including Longjing, Oolong, Pu’er, and Jasmine to accompany your meal in keeping with true Chinese tradition.

Mott 32, Chinese buffets

Mott 32 is Chinese Buffets

Mott 32 is a renowned Cantonese restaurant that first opened in Hong Kong but now has a branch in the Palazzo in Vegas. It draws influences from Sichuan and Beijing cuisine to provide a high-end Chinese dining experience that is sure to be savored.

The signature Apple Wood Roasted 42 Days Peking Duck “Signature Mott 32 Cut” is a dish you won’t want to miss – and you should order it in advance because it sells out fast. The menu also includes plenty of other creative dishes to tantalize you.

Mott 32 should definitely be at the top of your list when visiting Hong Kong – not only for its incredible array of plant-based dishes, but also for its stunning décor and, of course, the amazing food.

Joyful House Chinese Cuisine, Chinese buffets

Joyful House Chinese Cuisine

Joyful House Chinese Cuisine is a great place to go for Chinese food in Las Vegas. The menu has a wide variety of options, and the food is always fresh and delicious. The service is also wonderful, and the staff is always willing to help with anything you need.

Although Joyful House Chinese Cuisine can be a bit pricey, it is definitely worth it!

Chef Kai Wa Yu’s Hong Kong specialties such as hot and sour soup, wonton noodle soup, and sliced abalone are the stars of this simple dining room on Spring Mountain Road. You can also choose from a variety of delicious live seafood options.


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Best authentic Chinese food in las vegas

Best authentic Chinese food

If you’re looking for the best authentic Chinese food in Las Vegas, you’ll want to head to Chinatown. There are a number of great Chinese restaurants in this area, and you’re sure to find something to your taste. If you’re looking for a more casual dining experience, there are also a number of great Chinese food options in the area. You can find Chinese fast food, as well as sit-down restaurants that offer a more traditional dining experience.

There are many great authentic Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas. Here is a list of some of the best:

  • Joyful House Chinese Cuisine
  • King Buffet
  • Golden Dragon
  • Chinatown Gourmet
  • Peking Palace


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Best Chinese food in las vegas Chinatown

Best Chinese food

The best Chinese food in Las Vegas can be found in Chinatown. There are many great restaurants to choose from, and you can find some of the best authentic Chinese food in the city. If you’re looking for a great meal, be sure to check out the best restaurants in Chinatown Las Vegas. You won’t be disappointed!

There’s no shortage of Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas, offering everything from dim sum dumplings to char siu pork, Peking duck, and fried rice. Many of these restaurants offer take-out and delivery options. For a more upscale experience, check out Wing Lei at Wynn, Mott 32 at the Palazzo, or Ping Pang Pong at the Gold Coast; Chengdu Taste, Joyful House, and China Mama are just a few of the great Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas. Here’s a look at 15 of them (See the first part).


Restaurant buffets near me

If you’re searching for a delicious buffet near you in Las Vegas, you’re in luck!  There are plenty of great options to choose from, whether you’re looking for a seafood feast or just a casual meal. Prices vary depending on the buffet, but you can expect to find plenty of great food at a reasonable price.

One way to find restaurant buffets near you is to do a search on Google. You can either use the search bar on the Google homepage or go to Google Maps. If you use the search bar, you can type in “restaurant buffets near me” and Google will give you a list of results. If you go to Google Maps, you can type in “restaurant buffets” and it will show you a map with all of the results. You can then click on each result to get more information, such as the address, phone number, and website.

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Las Vegas has a home for diverse Asian cuisine

Asian cuisine and food

There’s no doubt that Las Vegas is a foodie paradise, and that extends to its diverse Asian cuisine. From Chinese to Japanese to Thai and more, there’s something for everyone in Vegas’ Chinatown. And the best part is that you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy it – there are plenty of cheap and delicious options to choose from.

Asian cuisine is one of the most popular types of food in the world, and Las Vegas has a home for diverse Asian cuisine. From Chinese to Japanese to Thai, there are a variety of options for those looking for an authentic Asian dining experience. Las Vegas is also home to a number of fusion restaurants that combine elements of different Asian cuisines to create unique dishes. Whether you’re looking for a traditional meal or something new and exciting, you’ll be able to find it in Las Vegas.

If you’re in the mood for some delicious Asian food but don’t feel like cooking, there are plenty of great options for delivery near you. From Chinese and Japanese to Thai and Vietnamese, you can have your pick of cuisine delivered right to your door. No matter what your Asian food craving is, there’s a delivery option that will make your hunger disappear. From hearty bowls of pho to light and refreshing spring rolls, you can have whatever your heart desires delivered right to your door.

There are many halal Asian food options near me. I can get my fix of deliciousness at any of the local Chinese, Japanese, or Korean restaurants.


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Chinese buffets in Las Vegas are a great way to enjoy a variety of delicious Asian cuisine. Chinese buffets are a great way to try a variety of Chinese dishes. You can usually find a good selection of vegetables, meats, and seafood.